What are the best practices for former staff data archiving?

A proactive approach to data retention of corporate data assets in control of former employees will serve you well and ensure you are ready for any audit, investigation, or litigation. We propose the following as best practices:
  • Adopt a cloud SaaS solution to benefit from its scalability, security, and reliability.
  • Choose a solution with rich features to help you manage corporate data automatically and centrally. While features to make ediscovery and extraction easy are critical, tools for automating policies and governance are as important.
  • Archive data from day zero means that ensure a copy of all data created/generated by the employees is automatically archived in an independent central repository right from employee onboarding. Collecting data later may be futile since it may not capture 100% of it.
  • Import any legacy data lying around in files on your local storage mediums. This will ensure that your legacy data in the control of former employees are safe, tamper-resistant, and durable.
  • Deploy role-based access controls to allow IT, staff, selective employees, and auditors access to the company data.
  • Configure policies to retain and govern data automatically to drive productivity.
Give Vaultastic a try. It’s well-proven for this use case.

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