Achieve all your information management goals effortlessly.

Cross platform archival & management for O365, GoogleWorkspace, Google Drive, OpenDrive, SalesForce, Freshdesk and many other SaaS platforms.
Archive all your information, effortlessly.
vaultastic specialised stores

Store smart. Pay less.

Quickly retrieve large data volumes with Open Store.

Consolidate data backups from diverse sources stored in various formats with Vaultastic’s Open Store, centralizing files for easy availability and efficient management.
Quickly retrieve large volumes of archived data through Open Store

Supervise and search live data with Active Store.

Vaultastic’s Active Store captures live email messages from across platforms creating a centralized search ready, repository of all messages and notifications, for easy discovery, retrieval and management of this information flow.
Supervise and search through live data flow of your organization on on Active Store​

Collaborate to resolve incidents with Live Store.

Live Store archives and enables collaboration on live data from helpdesks, CRMs, and web forms, ensuring seamless data utilization across the organization.
Collaborate with your team to resolve issues identified in your data flow on Live Store

Store compliance-manadated legacy data cost-effectively on Deep Store.

Vaultastic’s Deep Store helps curb growing storage costs associated with preserving old and aging data.

Files and backups which are infrequently accessed but have to be preserved as reference for long duration of time to meet legal, compliance or continuity needs.
Store legacy data needed for compliance at a low cost on Deep Store
Data migration with legacyflo

Automatically migrate data from any source.

LegacyFlo, a Vaultastic tool, enables seamless migration of data across data source enabling easy archival, recovery and management of data.
Secure transfers
All data transport, connections, and transactions are encrypted to prevent interference or sniffing.
Cross platform support
Migrate data from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, MS Exchange, Notes, Yahoo, and Zimbra.
Easy migration management
Monitor and control migration jobs with real-time updates, job management, automated notifications, and a centralized console.

Addressing all stakeholder needs

Vaultastic provides a comprehensive and secure solution for risk and compliance management, meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
Vaultastic benefits

Vaultastic specialises in providing a high degree of utility along with maximal cost optimisation

Automated data capture

Easy setup & automated backup, archival and storage management.

Complete data portability
Easily export and migrate data. No lock-in.
Cross platform live & legacy archival
Works with O365, GoogleWorkspace, Google Drive, OpenDrive, SalesForce, Freshdesk and many other
No User Limit
No user limit

Storage and usage based plans with no user limits

Automated & proactive upgrades 
Proactive upgrades to keep you ahead
Flexible plans & purchase options
Flexible pricing plans to get started quickly and scale up easily
Easy subscription and role management

Manage subscriptions and role-based access through MyAccount.


Get started with a plan to meet you immediate needs easily upgrade to meet future needs.

Backup active and historical data.
75GB store (**)
75GB migration (***)
  • Automated email & file archival
  • Automated import legacy data
  • Search and activate data
  • Export in portable formats
Centralized discovery and access.
125GB store (**)
125GB migration (***)
Continuity features +
  • Hierarchical deep E-discovery
  • Share information & collaborate with teams
  • Conditional retention and lifecycle management
Supports audits and investigations.
200GB store (**)
200GB migration (***)
Supervision features +
  • Live archive data from SaaS tools
  • Incident escalation and management
  • Audit trail & reports
Tailored for special risk and compliance needs.
As per need
Recommended for 100+ users.
Compliance features + 
  • Custom deployment
  • Custom migration
  • Custom integrations
  • APIs

Security and reliability for your critical information archival needs

With sophisticated cyberattacks on the rise and stringent regulations around data privacy, the cost of security breaches are soaring like never before.
Multilayered security

Vaultastic leverages AWS cloud security and enhances it with additional controls from the network to the application layer, ensuring robust data protection.

Independent audits

The security design follows industry regulatory guidelines, with regular independent audits to ensure compliance with cloud and application security best practices.

Continuous vigilance

Vaultastic dashboards enable SOC teams to identify and address security violations in real-time. Detailed forensic audits ensure thorough investigation and durable solutions.


Unparalleled customer support: Swift, attentive, and results-driven

Comprehensive lifecycle service spanning free trials, automated deployment, round-the-clock support, self-help resources, and centralized account management.
Complete lifecycle service

Includes free solution consulting, a free trial, automated provisioning, data migration tools, fully managed service, comprehensive documentation, online support, and a 24/7 help desk.

Strong documentation

The security design follows industry guidelines, with regular audits ensuring compliance with cloud and application security best practices.

Customer success app

A single pane of glass to access the help desk, review product updates, manage subscriptions, and view invoices, payments, and notifications.


All your questions answered

Features (5)

Yes, you can archive emails for a select set of users instead of all.
Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archived data. Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access.
Vaultastic integrates the Legacyflo automatic migration tool from Mithi to enable migration from a wide variety of data sources and data formats. To name a few, you can import data from
  1. Active mailboxes on your mailing solution.
  2. Cloud storage buckets carrying data files
  3. PST file formats
  4. EML file formats
  5. MBOX file format
Vaultastic builds on the cloud’s shared security model to secure your data IN the cloud at seven layers and adheres to the cybersecurity guidelines of several Industry regulatory bodies. Vaultastic uses a public cloud platform which delivers 11 9’s of data durability with an in-built DR site to put to rest any anxieties about RTO and RPO. Strong end-to-end encryption ensure your data is visible only to you.
You own your data. We safe keep it for you. We are only the custodians of your data. Vaultastic confirms Data Compatibility and Portability with tools and devices for Mass Data Extraction if needed.
vaultastic free trial

Secure your business against data risks. Cut business disruptions.

We’ll guide you through understanding what plan works for you and how to set up your data backup
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