Security and reliability for your critical information archival needs

Vaultastic – a platform you can trust for data protection and management.

Vaultastic addresses core concerns across all stakeholder

Covering the full range of needs around risk and compliance management


Security architecture and monitoring process for vaultastic

Multi-Layered Security Architecture

Vaultastic builds on the cloud shared security model to bulletproof your data in our cloud.

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Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and ongoing system upgrades are a part of our active security management practice.

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Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Data privacy and platform architecture

GDPR - Shared responsibility model

Vaultastic helps you comply with GDPR norms using a shared responsibility model, underlining its commitment to data privacy, security, and transparency while processing your information

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GDPR - Shared Responsibility Model

Platform level assurance

Platform Level Assurance
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic - cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change

Compliance with security standards and regulatory guidelines

Compliance with industry regulatory guidelines, independent vapt audits, and the aws ftr audit

It builds resilience with the comprehensive annual AWS FTR, and regular independent VAPT audits to ensure cloud best practices on securityperformance, and reliability.

Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines and laws

Vaultastic also adheres to the stringent cybersecurity guidelines of industry regulators like RBISEBI, and IRDAI


Industry-leading cloud infrastructure platform

Vaultastic builds on the secure AWS platform and confirms to its cloud security and reliability guidelines.

Foundations for durable, scalable, and responsive archival service delivery

Built for high durability and reliability

Vaultastic fully leverages the cloud platform to build in adequate redundancy to recover from any unlikely outages on the Primary set-up that may cause service disruptions. To ensure near zero down time and a near 100% durability of the data stored in Vaultastic.

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Inbuilt Disaster Recovery System
Inbuilt Disaster Recovery System

Elastic performance and dexterity

Scalable adaptive architecture

Vaultastic's adaptive architecture, by design, exploits cloud elasticity to guarantee performance across varying workloads.

Open architecture

Fast turn around on date requests for litigation

Automated storage management

Vaultastic automatically manages your storage growth needing near zero intervention.

No data lock-in

vaultastic assures Data Compatibility and Portability with tools and devices for Mass Data Extraction if required.

Efficient and responsive customer support

Customer Support you can Trust

Complete lifecycle service

From – free solution consulting & free trial, to automated provisioning, data migration tools, fully managed service, substantial documentation, online support, and ticketing with a 24X7 help desk.

Strong documentation

Continually updated self-help resources like how-to steps, videos, pre-recorded pieces of training, and webinars to ensure you can do it yourself.

My account customer portal

Single pane of glass to access help desk, review product updates, manage your subscriptions, review invoices, payments, and other notifications.

About Vaultastic

Vaultastic’s groundbreaking information protection and data lifecycle management platform offers centralized archival & supervisory controls, quick discovery, and data activation for easing compliance management.

The key feature is its on-demand data management service, automatic storage management, atomized discovery, and activation, delivering cost savings of up to 60 percent over other methods.
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