Secure, enterprise information archival and management platform

Vaultastic offers cross-platform and elastic information archival stores for risk and compliance management

Vaultastic offers cross-platform and elastic information archival stores for risk and compliance management

On-demand data operations

Automated, secure and scalable data conversion and migration

Automated Migration

Secure over the wire transfers

All data transport, connections, and transactions are encrypted to ensure zero interference or sniffing.

Cross platform support

Migrate data from across many platforms including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, MS Exchange, Notes, Yahoo, Zimbra, etc., and popular data exchange formats/protocols. PST, EML, MBOX, IMAP and more.

Easy migration management

Get real-time status updates on all the migration jobs. Control job execution by pausing, starting, or stopping jobs from the console. Get automated updated on glitches encountered, and successful job completions.

High-performance and efficient platform

Vaultastic leverages the AWS cloud platform to provide a secure, cost efficient and highly durable platform for information protection and management.


Intelligent utilization-based scaling algorithms automatically add or remove storage capacity to maintain performance across varying workloads.

In-built disaster recovery

Vaultastic guarantees 99.9% uptime and near-zero data loss with continuous backups and adequate redundancy. Even in the case of a major disaster, the platform can recover in less than a few hours.

Tiered storage

Vaultastic strikes the right balance between performance and cost by storing your data based on criticality and access frequency on different tiers.

High-performance Data Management

Robust security controls

With sophisticated cyberattacks on the rise and stringent regulations around data privacy, data security costs are soaring like never before

Robust Security Controls

Multilayered security

Vaultastic leverages industry-leading AWS cloud infrastructure security and augments it with security controls at every level, starting from the network to the application layer to fortify the security around your data.

Independent audits

The security design adheres to comprehensive checklists per the guidelines of industry regulators. Regular independent audits ensure compliance with cloud and application security best practices.

Continuous vigilance

Vaultastic dashboards enable SOC teams to identify and remedy security violations in real-time. Detailed forensic audits ensure that any incident is well investigated and a durable solution put in place.

Fast e-discovery

Vaultastic's centralized and powerful discovery tools help search across vaults enable easy compliance supervision and improve data accessibility

Deep search

Vaultastic can search through unstructured archival data with keywords, data ranges, user IDs, and customized search queries using a combination of these.

Stored queries

It’s easy to build a data search catalog by defining, storing, and modifying queries.

Rapid results

Intelligent iterative search algorithms present first-cut search results from the most recent past instantly.

Fast E-discovery

Flexible and Atomised Data Extraction

Vaultastic provides atomized and bulk data extraction in a number of formats to make data operations easy


Multi-format exports

Vaultastic can provide extraction in a growing number of formats to ease the consumption of data post-extraction.

Cost-optimized extraction

Export, share or download entire data sets, just a subset of the data or metadata as per the use case. Granular and atomised extraction means you do not waste costs or time extracting data you do not need.

Bulk data extraction

Vaultastic’s bulk data export using a physical storage device makes migration of very large volumes of data quicker and easier.

Granular data governance

Most enterprises struggle with siloed data and lack data handling accountability increasing the compliance and data loss risk. Vaultastic makes data governance easier


Immutable data storage

Vaultastic offers data residency per your needs and 99.999999% data durability, with centralized and unchangeable archival stores.

Automated retention rules

With Vaultastic you can define your retention policy and have data automatically moved across stores to meet your governance and cost optimization objectives.

Customizable access controls

Configure role and designation-based access rules and maintain audit trails to ensure accountability with Vaultastic.

Active data management

Vaultastic makes information easily and speedily accessible via centralized stores, cutting down time and productivity loss from missing and hard-to-find data

Active Data Management

Live data management

From continuously archiving CRM, ticketing, and response data to quickly categorizing, sharing, and collaborating on high-value data, Vaultastic’s live data management capability delivers great data agility.

Compliance workflow management

Compliance supervision teams can securely create legal holds and share information for review with internal and external teams to manage the compliance workflow securely and efficiently.

Active and automated storage management

Automated storage management makes it easy to define rules for automatically moving data between stores to optimize costs, without having to do a lot of hard work.

Adaptability and agility

Vaultastic is designed to be adaptable to the cross-platform and data lifecycle needs of an organization. Its hierarchical storage architecture is designed to deliver both functional flexibility and cost optimization.


Cross-platform data aggregation

Vaultastic can ingest live and stored data from across several platforms to help create centralized information archival for easy governance and management and can be easily extended to ingest data from new data sources.

Flexible storage model

Vaultastic provides a flexible storage model to easily move data between the different stores to provide on-demand access to different data management functions for compliance and life cycle management.

Atomic and granular data extraction

Vaultastic’s storage model can easily interface with Private cloud stores to minimize data movement and optimize storage costs.

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