FAQs on your data protection and information management needs

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FAQs on your data protection and information management needs

Amazon workmail (4)

Yes, you can archive emails for a select set of users instead of all. Learn more here on how to configure journaling in Amazon Workmail.
A backup tool will periodically backup your data and enable a complete mailbox restoration when required. A backup however is not a substitute for an archive. An archive is a real-time continuous collection of emails in an immutable, secure store, elevating your data security and compliance posture. We advise that you must include email archiving for Amazon Workmail as part of your data protection strategy.
Vaultastic comes with modern automatic migration tools to support high-volume email ingestion from PST, EML, or MBOX formats and mailboxes. Its recommended to move all offline data to Vaultastic to benefit from the immutability and vastly enhanced security and durability of the data.
Backup tools are by nature periodic and are designed to restore the last good state of a system at a point in time to help with data recovery in the event of recent data loss or corruption or hardware failure. Archiving is continuous and automatic catpture of email data, on the other hand, and serve the purpose of long-term retention and storage management. To answer your question, a cloud-based Amazon Workmail email archiving solution like Vaultastic can ensure a 100% automatic capture of all your emails. The data is now stored in immutable, secure vaults for on-demand reference when you need.

Archiving solution for Sendgrid (5)

Compliance with industry regulations and local laws requires you to preserve all email transactions in a certain way, e.g., resident in your country, end-to-end encrypted, discoverable, and more. Vaultastic, by design, delivers a compliance-ready email archiving solution for Sendgrid. Learn more
Yes, Vaultastic’s Sendgrid backup solution is fully automated. Once configured, Sendgrid automatically sends a copy of all notifications to the Vaultastic platform, in real-time, where they are preserved.
Sendgrid is a notification sending service with no provision for archiving your emails sent via the platform. Since preserving notifications is critical for your business, you must rely on an independent archiving solution for Sendgrid. Vaultastic is proven and delivers the best email archiving solutions for Sendgrid. Learn more
Since the archive is not part of your Sendgrid service, yes, you would need to pay the archival vendor like Vaultastic. We would like to highlight that Vaultastic works hard to optimize costs of your ever-growing storage and delivers up to 60% cost compression using multiple methods such as deduplication, storage tiering and more.

Cloud data migration tools (3)

This article explains the steps to submit a migration request.
All data movement from your environment to the Vaultastic cloud is encrypted end-to-end ensuring total security of your data during the transit. Once the data is in the Vaultastic cloud vaults, the data is protected by Vaultastic’s bulletproof shared security model across multiple layers. Some of these controls include encryption at rest, role based access, tiered storage and more. Learn more.
Vaultastic integrates Mithi’s Legacyflo cloud migration tool to deliver integrated cloud data migration services. Legacyflo supports a wide variety of data sources, data targets and request types. Learn more about the different migration request types supported.

Cloud data retention (5)

Vaultastic can ingest data in PST, EML or MBOX file formats. All of these are portable and compatible with a wide range of business and workplace productivity solutions.
Absolutely. Learn more here.
You can ingest data into Vaultastic’s data retention solutions by
  1. Journaling active or live email from your mail solution. This will create a copy of every mail sent and received by your users, in Vaultastic.
  2. Import legacy data from your mailboxes or data files into Vaultastic.
Vaultastic protects your data using a robust multi-layered security framework adhering to stringent industry cybersecurity guidelines and audit principles. Learn more.
This article summarises the various ways in which cloud data retention and archiving is more modern and offers major benefits, which give your business an edge.

Cost optimization (3)

Yes, it will. To stay compliant, you need to preserve all data long-term in a discoverable form so that you are ready to respond to queries quickly. Vaultastic’s multi-dimensional cost optimization methods will help you reduce retention costs, migration time, and expenses and help you with fast ediscovery to boost productivity. Learn more about legal and compliance solutions from Vaultastic.
Yes, the entire platform is fully managed and maintained by Mithi. The cost includes giving you an always-on guaranteed service at all levels. Our engineers work hard to deliver bulletproof securityrock-solid reliability, and highly scalable performance.
Traditionally, migrations are expensive since you must consider disparate data sources, types, and large volumes of data. Most migration projects need expert teams, continuous monitoring, and high bandwidth consumption. Vaultastic delivers tools for hands-free bulk data migration across diverse data formats. It leverages advanced compression and massive parallel processing to minimize migration time and costs. For humongous data sizes, we also provide a service to physically ship the data from your premises to the cloud. Learn more.

Data governance solutions (3)

Not at all. You are your data’s complete owner, and Vaultastic is simply a custodian. We are like a bank locker that safely keeps your valuables.  
Absolutely. Vaultastic’s cloud-native platform has an inbuilt disaster recovery site to ensure you say bye to RPO/RTO anxieties. As a result, Vaultastic can deliver high availability and extremely high data durability. Learn more.
Yes. Vaultastic is built on the shared security model of the cloud and leverages a multi-layered security framework to keep your data safe in the cloud. The security framework adheres to the cyber security guidelines of several industry regulators and laws, including IRDAI, RBI, SEBI, GDPR, and others. Learn more about Vaultastic’s bulletproof security architecture.

Data lifecycle management (3)

A backup tool is a point-in-time snapshot meant primarily to recover from the infrastructure’s corruption, loss, or damage. A backup in no way can replace the functions of enterprise information archival. Learn more about how archival is different from backups. Once you start archiving emails to protect 100% of your data in a search-ready form, you will need data lifecycle management for several reasons. Intelligent data lifecycle management tools efficiently manage your data as it ages, ensuring your costs remain controlled.
Each Vaultastic store is accessible over a self-service console making it super easy to find and retrieve data. Learn more here and here.
Yes. You can migrate legacy data from multiple solutions into a single, central data repository, making it super easy to manage and find information. Vaultastic’s automatic migration tools, which are easy, efficient, and cost-effective, import large volumes of data in diverse formats.

Data protection (8)

Fundamentally, you must ensure that a COPY of all your critical data is maintained and up-to-date in a separate operational infrastructure for maximum redundancy. Focussing on unstructured data, 80% of an organization’s data, will ensure that most of your critical data is secured. Unstructured data includes emails, files/documents, and SaaS data, which you generate when you use these tools to drive your business operations. E.g., FreshDesk, ZOHO, Google Forms, etc. Look for cloud data protection solutions that can automatically ingest active data from these solutions and also allow you to migrate legacy data. Combined with tools for easy discovery, recovery, and governance, your data protection needs are well covered. Related: Enterprise Data Management System
Data security is a crucial link to Data Protection. It helps protect sensitive data from breaches, leaks, corruption, or loss. Furthermore, it prevents unauthorized data access and promotes business continuity. Related: Data Security Solutions with Vaultastic
Technology that enables organizations to keep their sensitive data safe from loss, damage, and breaches is segmented under data protection solutions. Cloud Data Protection Solutions are rapidly gaining popularity against legacy systems that store, protect and manage data on-premises.
Services like Vaultastic classify as DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service) where you don’t have to buy or deploy expensive hardware, software or infrastructure to protect your data.
You simply sign up for data protection services and move your data into the cloud. Data Protection as-a-Service will help you scale easily and cost-effectively. It will also simplify and centralize your data from across data sources and data sets.
  1. Independent data archive to build redundancy.
  2. Automatic data capture for error-free and efficient operations.
  3. Immutable data storage to ensure data stays in its original form.
  4. Robust Security controls and policies for peace of mind.
  5. Easy way to search for data helping legal and compliance readiness.
  6. Simple ways to extract data.
  7. Tools for information governance and data management.
Related: Data Retention Policies for Businesses – Best Practices
A Data Protection Solution’s prime objective is to ensure complete and perpetual data availability to fulfill the intended business objectives such as: – Data retention as required by regulatory guidelines. – Data security and Privacy encompassing global and local compliance laws. – Data Access.
Using the cloud to protect your data is the most secure way. Cloud platforms such as Vaultastic builds on the shared security model of public cloud infrastructure platforms (like AWS in the case of Vaultastic) to deliver robust multi-layered security for your data. Cloud Security controls include immutable data storage, robust identity and access management, end-to-end encryption, timeless audit trails, and more. The cloud data management environment is automatically monitored for breaches and threats. Learn more about Vaultastic’s bulletproof security.
Data protection software is imperative, given the volume of data organizations struggle to maintain. Organizational reliance on data is huge, making any loss or damage to data a situation of critical consequences. These organizational realities necessitate the use of the best data protection software available. A data protection framework is integral to every business, given the significant functions it realizes for businesses. Some critical operations that businesses can realize with data protection solutions include:

Business continuity.

Well-designed data protection solutions capture critical data and provide businesses with on-demand access to data during unforeseen situations. Data protection makes businesses extremely resilient, from facilitating smooth operations to ensuring customer service even during critical times.


Non-adherence to compliance laws attracts heavy penalties and loss of brand image. Data needs to be readily available for compliance. Data protection solutions can ease the process of compliance by making data accessible on demand.

On-demand data access

Data demands from stakeholders such as legal counselors,  auditors,  data scientists, and business analysts can be unpredictable. Making data readily available is a major challenge in such cases. The best data protection software empowers organizations with tools for easy and rapid data discovery. Related: Why Archive data?

Data retention policy (5)

Almost every country worldwide has a data retention policy for businesses. This is to ensure that appropriate archived records are available for extraction and review by the business, customer, and government should the need arise. Businesses with established data retention policies are transparent in their dealings since customers and the government have access to them, thus making them trustworthy and attractive to consumers. And in contrast to businesses that are suspected of being non-compliant, a reputable business will always be ranked higher in goods and services, sometimes, solely on its reputation.
An orderly Data Management plan ensures the organization and classification of documents. What comes next is the question – how long do I have to maintain these documents? Depending on your jurisdiction, you might have to maintain data backups to meet regulatory and legal requirements for each classification with varying durations. While some documents remain current and in demand, other documents, especially legacy documents, might remain dormant for years and decades but  remain relevant from a legal standpoint. In this case, a proper best practice backup retention policy can assist. Vaultastic provides tiered storage for long-term data retention, flexibility, scalability, and easy access, simplifying your company’s data retention and disposal plan while in action.
A business with no data retention policy leaves itself wide open to litigation, fraudulent transactions, legacy ambiguity, customer skepticism, and unforeseen liabilities.
Vaultastic helps you manage data efficiently in line with your data retention policies while saving up to 60% in costs. Your data is safe, handy, and highly optimized with Vaultastic.
Data management refers to keeping documentation created by a company during daily operations. The four key aspects of Data Management are
  • Organization,
  • Categorization,
  • Long-term data retention, and
  • Disposal.
Proper decision-making, efficient production, and improved customer service can be guaranteed through proper Data Management. Data Management helps businesses ensure competent decision-making, efficient production, and enhanced customer service. Thus, optimum data storage is critical. But should all documentation be maintained? A proper Data Management strategy coupled with a backup and retention policy will help you get the most out of your data by avoiding deduplication; while providing intelligent categorization, consumer insight, data analysis, and legacy information.

E-discovery (3)

Absolutely. It’s a common requirement that ranges from:
  • Enabling self-service for your users where each of them can log in and only search in their own vault.
  • Enabling department-level search where the department heads can search for data of their team members.
  • Enabling auditor access where the auditor can search across the vaults of all users.
Either way, you can also define exceptions. Learn more.
Yes. Once you set up Office 365 Email Archiving, Vaultastic has all the data from Office 365. You are now equipped to perform Office 365 e-discovery via the Vaultastic search console.
You have several options to share e-discovery results. One way is to download the search summary (metadata only) and share that. The second way is to download the content as EML or PST files and share that. Another way is to use Vaultastic’s integrated case management tool to share and invite others to collaborate on the discovery with their recommendations.

Email archiving service (2)

Your end-users typically manage your cloud mailboxes and have full rights to delete and move emails. Hence you are never sure if the mailboxes have all the emails the users ever sent or received. Thus an inability to retrieve any data requested by the auditor or compliance officer can put your organization at a significant legal or compliance risk. Besides, you also run the risk of IP theft or data loss, which can financially cost your organization. As a data management best practice, having an independent, immutable archive of all your data will substantially de-risk your organization and improve your ability to respond to data access requests.
The rapid digitization of organizations across industries is driving reliance on modern tools for business communication. And email has become a dominant form of communication between organizations and their customers and partners. This shift creates large volumes of unstructured business communication data, making recovery of data complex while handling data loss, theft, or corruption cases. And the growing sophistication and number of cyberattacks are not helping to manage data-related risks. A secure, immutable, central archive can help you preserve email data in tamper-proof vaults for extended periods and ensure that the data is online, search-ready, and discoverable on demand. Related: Why Email Archiving services are needed

Email backup (3)

Most backup solutions are periodic rather than continuous, as is Vaultastic. One big challenge with periodic backups is that any activity between two backup runs, more specifically the addition and deletion of emails, may be missed. The discontinuous nature of backups reduces confidence that the backups carry 100% of your data. Most backup solutions are also heavily dependent on the IT teams to operate, leaving the administrators overburdened with data recovery requests.
When the original emails are lost or deleted, you can restore a backup copy of the emails. Email backups are a type of data security that protect email data by storing it in a different location.
By allowing users to recover email content that may have been accidentally deleted or lost, email backups assist in the prevention of data loss. Backups extend the shelf life of your email messages and speed up the process of finding missing emails.

Email storage management (3)

By deploying Vaultastic, you will automatically archive a copy of every mail to an independent, safe, and secure infrastructure. Now it’s safe to delete emails from your active mailboxes since you will find them on Vaultastic. So, by deploying an automatic retention policy on your primary mailboxes (like retain emails of only the last two years and delete the rest), you can curtail the size of your mailboxes to stay within limits. Learn more about this email storage solution works.
These traditional methods are limiting: Manual process leading to low productivity:  Your IT Team, currently engaged in this work, can be doing something which adds more value to your business. Risk of Data loss: Since your capture is periodic, you will likely miss any added and deleted emails in the gap. Also, the human element and traditional storage devices fragment data and open it to tampering, theft, and loss. Difficult to find information: The fragmented, raw data makes it challenging to locate specific information quickly and accurately when requested during litigation or audits. Vaultastic’s data storage management tools address the above and more challenges faced in data storage and data management. Learn more
Vaultastic delivers robust data durability and availability with a disaster recovery site that stores multiple redundant copies of your emails. A copy of all your emails is saved in Vaultastic’s extremely durable cloud storage (11 9’s of durability), ensuring that your chance of losing data is near zero. Learn more.

Exchange email archiving (5)

No. Unlike on-premises archiving solutions, Vaultastic is a fully managed cloud-based service. We upgrade it automatically multiple times yearly to resolve issues, deliver new capabilities, and fix new security issues.
Vaultastic’s applications are intuitive and easy, needing zero to minimal training. Our team has made exhaustive documents and videos on how to configure and use the solution to support your initiative.
Not at all. Essentially, Vaultastic provides easy accessibility, extraction, and management tools for your data, which you can use per your business process. Thus, Vaultastic can maintain your data repository while you leverage the flexibility of Vaultastic’s rich cloud services to adapt to your new process.
Vaultastic can ease the pain of migrating large volumes of email data from legacy mailboxes and files reliably and cost-effectively. The whole process is automatic and hands-free, driving up productivity for your organization.
Deploying Vaultastic as an Exchange Email archiving solution is easy as getting started and configuring journaling on the Microsoft Exchange server.

File archiving solution (11)

Archiving is creating a copy of your data in a separate storage location. Once you have enabled archiving, you can safely free up storage on your primary devices, storage, and apps. While archiving solutions like Vaultastic support storage optimization methods, the archive does take up storage space. Thus, while you reclaim space on the primary app storage, you consume (cost-optimized) storage on the archival store. Nonetheless, having an archive of your data is critical in your data management strategy to derisk and boost productivity.
In Vaultastic, you can archive files from your Google Drive and OneDrive for business accounts. You can do a complete backup, followup by periodic incremental backups of the files. You do this by configuring file archiving jobs in Vaultastic. Learn more here.
The Google Docs applications store the resultant files (spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and more) on the user’s google drive. The best way to achieve a complete Google Docs Archive is to ensure a full backup of the users’ google drive data. Vaultastic’s cloud-based data archiving service provides an excellent solution for a full Google Docs Archive and reduces risks related to accidental or intentional erasures of files. Learn more here.
The best way to archive files in Google Drive is via a periodic, regular sync of the files generated, stored, and modified. Vaultastic can sync Google Drive archive files using a complete sync for the first time and then an incremental sync regularly to capture the changes. Learn more here.
Azure File Archive, built on the Azure Archive storage, can preserve infrequently needed information as raw data. Vaultastic, with tools to perform complete and incremental syncs, complex searches, and granularly restore files, is a more accessible and valuable alternative to the raw storage provided by Azure File Archive. Learn more about how file archiving in Vaultastic works.
Yes, Vaultastic is an excellent cloud-based alternative to Commvault file archiving. Vaultastic not just securely and safely archives files from your cloud drives and other file storage devices, but it also optimizes long-term data retention costs along multiple dimensions.
Vaultastic’s file backup service is an excellent cloud-based alternative to the dropbox archive files solution. Vaultastic is also an excellent alternative for businesses considering backup google drive to dropbox. Vaultastic provides tools to perform complete and incremental backups of your files from the cloud drives and your local storage devices with capabilities to search and restore selectively. Vaultastic optimizes long-term data retention costs along multiple dimensions to deliver up to and sometimes beyond 60% savings.
File archiving refers to regularly backing up your files to a separate storage location for long-term preservation. This can help free up space on the primary storage, improve data organization, and ensure the safekeeping of essential information for future reference. The archived files can be compressed, encrypted, or backed up for added security and accessibility.
Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are essential for companies as they store crucial data generated by users. Archiving and backing up this data is vital to ensure its safekeeping and accessibility. Vaultastic Open Store is the best way to archive files from Google Drive and archive OneDrive for business files. It supports full and incremental syncs of files and offers tools for searching and selectively retrieving files from archives. Data stored in Vaultastic is protected with multiple layers of security, ensuring its high durability and easy accessibility. Vaultastic follows strict regulatory guidelines, improving your compliance and legal posture concerning data retention and access. Learn more here and here.
The goal of archiving is to preserve and store historical data, documents, or records that are no longer actively used but still need to be retained for legal, regulatory, or historical reasons. Archiving helps to free up valuable space on the primary app store, maintain the integrity and accessibility of important information, and improve data management and organization. By keeping static data separate from operational data, archiving also helps to improve system performance, reduce the risk of data loss, and provide an extra layer of security for critical information. Related: Why Archive Data
In Vaultastic, archived files are stored safely and securely on the Vaultastic Open Store for long-term data retention. You access your files using the Vaultastic application and selectively extract any required file. Learn more about the Vaultastic Open Store.

Flexible data extraction tools (3)

You can search for specific emails in this mailbox using ediscovery and  download the search results or extract an entire vault (individual user mailbox) into a PST file or the far more versatile EML format.
A backup tool is periodic and is likely to miss new additions and deletions between two backup runs. Moreover, backup tools are typically designed for full system restores in case of disaster on the client or server. On the other hand, an archive is a continuous capture of data as it is generated, which ensures 100% capture of information and easy recovery. Using Vaultastic’s archival platform, you benefit from a single, central repository carrying live and legacy data, making data extraction simple and rapid.
Vaultastic can ingest email data in the popular and standard PST, EML, or MBOX file formats. Data extraction from Vaultastic also happens in the PST or EML portable file formats.

Healthcare (3)

Attempting to preserve emails in the active mailboxes is not a safe backup for your email data. These emails are prone to tampering, theft, accidental or intentional erasures, corruption, etc. In other words, when you examine mailbox contents, you can never be confident that it has all the emails ever received or sent by the user. This poor posture can undermine your reputation when you face a regulatory audit or litigation.
Email-borne threats are on the rise in the healthcare industry. Email is a popular carrier of dangerous payloads, including ransomware, phishing baits, malware, viruses, and more. Distributed working is not making it easier to keep data safe and secure against hackers.
Current healthcare providers rely on emails for business communication with patients, staff, regulators, and partners. These emails carry a bulk of the sensitive and private data about patients, whether it be the latest test results, historical patient information, or medical prescriptions. In the heavily regulated healthcare industry, maintaining this communication data secure and confidential is required to stay compliant and build patient trust.

Integrated case management (3)

Vaultastic integrates Legacyflo, an advanced fully automatic data migration platform, to allow you to seamlessly migrate large volumes of data from your environment into Vaultastic. Legacyflo can ingest data from mailboxes, data sources like Google Drive, and data files like PST, EML, and MBOX. Learn more.
Vaultastic integrates Ideolve, a secure team collaboration platform, to deliver integrated case management tools. When you share any data from your Vaultastic archive with internal or external people via the case management tool, Ideolve never sends a copy of the data to these people. Instead, these teammates are invited to sign into the Ideolve platform and view and collaborate on the data you shared. You have the option to disable download and copy, thereby preventing any data theft. Once the issue is resolved, you can also unshare the content to further tighten privacy. Learn more.
Vaultastic is designed for rock-solid reliability with more than adequate redundancy and a full-blown DR (disaster recovery) site to put your RTO/RPO anxieties to rest. Our platform guarantees high availability and extremely high data durability ensuring (near) 100% availability of your data on-demand. Learn more.

Legacy archive data management (13)

Combined, the regulators and the data protection laws have certain expectations from organizations regarding protecting corporate data accessed by former employees. These include long-term data retention, data security, data residency, ease of data access, discovery and extraction (to support audits), selective data deletion, and more. Learn more about cloud data retention solutions that adhere to local data protection laws and industry regulations. You can also browse this article on worldwide data protection laws and privacy regulations.
We propose protecting your corporate data on a secure cloud data archive, which secures your data along multiple layers to offer a bulletproof defense against cyber attacks. These security controls include data encryption at rest and in transit, role-based access control, data residency, dual authentication, and more. Choose a solution that aligns with industry cyber security regulations with a very high data durability to deliver total peace of mind. Learn more about The Vaultastic Assurance for your data.
This will depend on your data retention policies. But we have seen that regulators and laws expect anything upward of seven-year retention and, in case of ongoing litigations, until the litigation ends.
From the time you start the import for your legacy data, the time taken for the data to be visible in your console depends on the following:
  1. The volume of data
  2. The current workload of the import tool dedicated to Legacy Archive Data Management
The legacy archive data management team may need additional time to investigate data-related issues before completing the process.
Sure you can. Use the integrated Legacyflo tool to import your data into the Vaultastic Active or Open Store per your requirement. The legacy data you import will add to the already existing data and be available via ediscovery or the Open Store access tool.
Again no worries here. Vaultastic engineers envisaged this scenario and have made provisions to support the physical movement of large volumes of data from your environment to the AWS cloud. Your Vaultastic team assigned to help you with legacy archive data management will brief you on the procedure for this.
No cause for worry here. Vaultastic will pull data from all these sources into your common repository. Even though the sources are different and the formats are different, Vaultastic will store them in a standard portable form in the cloud to facilitate easy search and retrieval.
Vaultastic integrates the Legacyflo automatic migration tool from Mithi to enable migration from a wide variety of data sources and data formats. To name a few, you can import data from
  1. Active mailboxes on your mailing solution.
  2. Cloud storage buckets carrying data files
  3. PST file formats
  4. EML file formats
  5. MBOX file format
Learn more here.
Protecting corporate data used by ex-employees in a solution like Vaultastic offers a number of benefits for an organization, including:


Centralized data archiving helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements around data retention by preserving electronic data associated with terminated employees for a specific period.

Legal discovery:

Archived data can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, providing an organization with a valuable resource in disputes or lawsuits.

Business continuity:

Robust data archiving helps organizations maintain business continuity by preserving important information that may be needed in the future.

Data security:

Vaultastic protects archived data in a secure and tamper-proof manner, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches.


Vaultastic’s cloud data archiving solution optimizes costs along multiple dimensions and allows organizations to store large amounts of data without cost overruns as data grows.

Ease of retrieval:

Vaultastic delivers on-demand data and cloud features to ease the discovery and granular data extraction for future reference and use.
A proactive approach to data retention of corporate data assets in control of former employees will serve you well and ensure you are ready for any audit, investigation, or litigation. We propose the following as best practices:
  • Adopt a cloud SaaS solution to benefit from its scalability, security, and reliability.
  • Choose a solution with rich features to help you manage corporate data automatically and centrally. While features to make ediscovery and extraction easy are critical, tools for automating policies and governance are as important.
  • Archive data from day zero means that ensure a copy of all data created/generated by the employees is automatically archived in an independent central repository right from employee onboarding. Collecting data later may be futile since it may not capture 100% of it.
  • Import any legacy data lying around in files on your local storage mediums. This will ensure that your legacy data in the control of former employees are safe, tamper-resistant, and durable.
  • Deploy role-based access controls to allow IT, staff, selective employees, and auditors access to the company data.
  • Configure policies to retain and govern data automatically to drive productivity.
Give Vaultastic a try. It’s well-proven for this use case.
You may want to retain corporate data used by former employees to support future litigations with evidence. Corporate data retention can boost litigation readiness, improve compliance postures and reduce organizational risks substantially. Learn more about how Vaultastic can improve legal and compliance readiness.
If you are adopting a SaaS data management solution (recommended) like Vaultastic, there isn’t much to worry about. You’ll be receiving a fully managed, guaranteed service with no hardware expected at your end. You would need to collate the legacy company employee data and migrate it to the scalable, cloud SaaS service like Vaultastic. And you need to initiate the automatic capture of all employee data. However, if you choose to deploy an on-premise or hosted solution for corporate data retention, you would need to design for scale, security, and reliability. A challenging task for any team. Learn more about the differences between cloud and on-premise archiving solutions.
Protecting corporate data, which was in the control of ex-employees, refers to storing and preserving electronic data (emails and files) associated with former employees for legal, regulatory, and business reasons. Long-term corporate data retention is vital to help the organization reduce data-related risks and support business operations such as role transition, knowledge discovery, and legal & compliance readiness.

Manufacturing industry (5)

Yes. Vaultastic supports role based access, where you can define which vaults are visible to the user upon login. This is also a useful tool when providing selective access to internal and external auditors. Learn more here.
Vaultastic delivers bullet proof security for your data using a multi-layered shared security cloud model. Some of the controls deployed are encryption at rest and in transit, role based access, WAFs, and more. Learn more.
Vaultastic supports a wide range of popular cloud and on-premise email solutions including MS 365, Google Workspace, MS Exchange, Zimbra and more. Learn about supported platforms here.
Absolutely. Vaultastic is a highly scalable platform that is agnostic to the size of data. It builds on the elastic cloud store to deliver a boundless storage architecture. Vaultastic’s ediscovery is engineered to find any data of any period from the Active store in a few seconds.
Increasing adoption of digital technologies by Manufacturing is leading to large volumes of data carrying intellectual property, personal information, designs and more. And email is the ubiquitous carrier of this business critical information. Manufacturing companies, are frequently targeted for intellectual property, trade secrets, and patented designs and technology. Financial loss, brand erosion, and litigations are some of the major risks of an inadequate data retention policy or a lack of a robust data storage management system. Learn more: Why archive email

Performance (3)

Vaultastic offers advanced migration tools to automate and facilitate the job of importing large volumes of data in a swift, reliable way. Learn more.
Vaultastic is a cloud-native platform that leverages the scalability of the cloud to deliver massive ingestion capacity that auto-scales depending on the workload. Vaultastic builds a scalable indexing system on the elastic cloud store to provide an “infinite’ bottomless archive to accommodate ever-growing data in a search-ready form. These and many more modern architectures offer the promised high performance without the high cost.
Since the solution has an inbuilt redundancy via a disaster recovery site, all data is simultaneously written to multiple data centers to deliver 11 9s of data durability. The rock-solid reliability of Vaultastic provides a near-zero RPO and an RTO of a few hours.

Pharmaceutical industry (5)

Sure you can. Suppose you are subscribing to an on-premise archiving tool and also subscribing to Vaultastic. In that case, you can archive emails from some mailboxes into the on-premises solution and from the rest into Vaultastic. This setup is popularly called a hybrid cloud setup. To clarify further, instead of an on-premises archival tool, you may also opt to store a backup of those emails on some local storage device (not recommended – high risk).
Data ingested and preserved on Vaultastic is encrypted at rest and in transit. This means that only you and people authorised by you can access this data via the Vaultastic application. Besides robust encryption, Vaultastic deploys a validated multi-layered scared security framework to safeguard your data in our cloud. Learn more. Our service is backed by an SLA and a detailed privacy policy. Read more in our trust center about why its safe to store your critical data on Vaultastic.
The duration of retention of emails in your Vaultastic vaults is entirely in your control. You can define separate retention periods for each vault if you so need. This feature could help you determine retention as per the person’s role. If you are concerned about the storage growth and cost escalation, you can leverage Vaultastic’s storage tiering architecture to move aging, infrequently used data into the Open Store. Learn more about Vaultastic’s stores.
Vaultastic ingests and preserves emails and their attachments “as received” in their original form. Vaultastic does not alter your data in any way. This immutability ensures that it will be original when you retrieve your data from Vaultastic. You can rest assured that your proprietary software can process it.
Yes; it will. Vaultastic can capture emails in real-time from numerous email solutions into a central, consolidated repository. This repository will be deduplicated and tiered across the active and Open Stores to optimize costs.

Pricing (12)

Vaultastic is a fully self-serve platform with extensive documentation and tutorial videos. However, if you feel the need to have our team support and train you during onboarding and migration, this will be an extra charge over and above the price of the plans. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you an estimate and set this up for you.
Your subscription is automatically renewed annually. There is nothing for you to do. Here is a table explaining this:
Plan Your chosen billing cycle How it works
CONTINUITY, SUPERVISION, DURABILITY plan Annual Advance Receive an invoice at the start of your yearly cycle. E.g., if you subscribed on the 14th of Jan, you are billed on the 14th of Jan every year.
ENTERPRISE plan Monthly in arrears Usage is metered daily and billed at the end of the month (this is available only for select customers at the discretion of Mithi)
Annual advance for estimated usage Pay upfront for estimated quantities at the start of your yearly cycle. Receive a bill on the same day every year.
Your upgrade path is defined in the table below:
You can upgrade From To
ENTERPRISE plan Not Applicable
As mentioned in the answer above, Vaultastic operates on a trust-based licensing. This means that we ensure your archiving, access or data movement never stops because you ran out of resources. Our systems monitor for overflow in usage and studies your growth pattern to suggest an optimal upgrade path. Our team will reach out in this scenario and discuss an optimal upgrade solution with you. Alternatively, contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be happy to help you with the next steps
While planning your archive storage requirements, consider the following dimensions to arrive at a volume.
Dimension Description
Number of users (A) You are archiving data for these users/employees.  Some of these may be un-manned systems or shared accounts that are used for sending notifications, reports, and handling support.
Annual average data growth per user in GBs. (B) This storage growth typically spans between 0.1GB to 5 GB and can go up to 10-15 GB in some extreme cases.  The storage growth depends on your industry vertical and the user’s role. From our experience working with hundreds of customers, we’ve seen the following regular patterns: 0.5 GB – Light usage with nominal use of attachments. Emails are mainly used for messaging. Approx 40 emails a day per user with an average size of 35KB per email. Small file creation averaging 1-2 files a day. 1 GB – Medium usage with fair usage of attachments. Emails are used for messaging and transacting business documents. Approx 50 emails a day with an average size of 60KB. Mid-sized file creation averaging 2-4 files a day. 1.5 GB – Heavy email usage with relatively large attachments. The whole business depends on Emails. Approx 60 emails a day with an average size of 70KB. Creation of large files, including media, averages 6-8 files daily. >1.5GB – Hefty usage. Typically unmanned system/notification email ids, heavy email users + file repositories.
Volume of legacy data that needs archiving in GBs. (C) Most organizations carry large volumes of emails and files stored on offline storage devices or as raw data on cloud stores.  You have PST, EML, or MBOX files for emails and pretty much any format files covering your business-critical data.
  Once you get the above numbers, you can apply the following formula to estimate your data storage requirements: Estimated storage required over the next 12 months = (A)*(B)+(C) E.g., for a mid-sized manufacturing organization with 300 users, whose average annual growth per user is 0.5 GB and they are carrying 1TB of legacy data, their estimated storage requirement over the next 12 months is: 300*0.5+1000 = 1150GB. If you are still unsure about how much storage you may need, please get in touch with us for a chat. Our experts are geared to answer your data management questions.
“sized for up to 10 users” means that the plans are sized with resources (Storage, Access and Migration) that can archive live information of about 10 users. This is NOT A LIMIT. The sizing is based on the average annual growth in the archive per user and the use of the software in your organization. The quantities here are derived from industry averages and our experience of helping 100’s of customers protect and manage their data. If your average consumption is less than what is considered to size the plans, then you may be able to archive data for more users within the same resource allocation.
Vaultastic operates on a trust-based license to reduce disruption and friction when upgrading resources. Irrespective of the plan you use, the system will not stop archiving data if your storage overflows beyond your purchased quantities, provide access to more users, or migrate more data than the plan supports. Our systems monitor overflow usage monthly and will send alerts to keep you informed. Alternatively, you can watch your subscription status via the Vaultastic Usage Dashboard. If our systems suggest a resource or plan upgrade for your account, our team will contact you and start a conversation. Your Options:
  1. For the CONTINUITY, SUPERVISION and COMPLAIANCE plans, you can top up the resources by purchasing additional quantities of the base plan or additional packs for access and storage and/or upgrading the plan to the next higher plan.
  2. If you are on the ENTERPRISE plan, your storage auto-expands as your consumption increases. There is no intervention required from your end. You pay for the actual usage, which we meter daily.
Upgrading your plan does not disturb your data in anyway. Only the purchased resource limits are adjusted as per the new plan and if there are any additional packs purchased by you.
Pay-Per-Use allows you to use the data services you need without worrying about over or under-provisioning, keeping pace with your needs, and saving up to 30% over fixed provisioning. No long-term contracts. No minimum purchase. No upfront payment. No complex licensing. With this model, your storage, access, and data movement usage is metered daily and billed monthly in arrears or annually in advance based on estimated usage. Pay-per-use will help you save up to @25% year on year and can be a great way to optimize cash flow. Get an overview on the pay-per-use model here, browse through faqs here and learn in detail here.
Here are some scenarios that will help you decide your quantities and estimated costs:

If you going to purchase CONTINUITY as per your needs:

Requirement Suggested plans and Estimated costs
Up to 10 user organizations want a backup with less than 50GB of data.    1 CONTINUITY  45GB Storage and 75 GB migration $ 329/year
A 55-user organization wants live archival and backup of 250 GB of historical data. 5 CONTINUITY + 1 Storage Add Pack  45*5+250=475GB storage and 75*5+250=625GB migration $ 329 x 5 + $ 1,153 = $ 2798/year
A 100-user organization wants to protect live data and backup 2TB of legacy data. 10 CONTINUITY + 8 Storage Add Pack  45*10+250*8=2450GB storage and 75*10+250*8=2750GB migration $ 329 x 10 + $ 1,153 x 8 = $ 12514/year

If you going to purchase SUPERVISION as per your needs:

Requirement Suggested plans and Estimated costs
A 10-user organization wants live archival with 75GB of legacy data and needs a global ediscovery console. 1 SUPERVISION  75GB Storage and 105 GB migration $ 567/year
A 55-user organization wants live archival with 250GB of legacy data and needs a global ediscovery console. 5 SUPERVISION + 1 Storage Add Pack  75*5+250=625GB storage and 105*5+250=775GB migration $ 567 x 5 + $ 1,153 = $ 3988/year
A 100-user organization wants live arhcival with 2TB of legacy data and needs a global ediscovery console. 10 SUPERVISION + 8 Storage Add Pack  75*10+250*8=2750GB storage and 105*10+250*8=3050GB migration $ 567 x 10 + $ 1,153 x 8 = $14894/year

If you going to purchase COMPLIANCE as per your needs:

Requirement Suggested plans and Estimated costs
A 10-user organization wants to protect live and 75GB of legacy data, long-term, for compliance. 1 COMPLIANCE  120GB Storage and 160GB migration $ 1,107/year
A 55-user organization wants to protect live and 250GB of legacy data, long-term, for compliance. 5 COMPLIANCE + 1 Storage Add Pack  120*5+250=850GB storage and 160*5+250=1050GB migration $ 1,107 x 5 + $ 1,153 = $ 6688/year
A 100-user organization wants to protect live and 2TB of legacy data, long-term, for compliance. 10 SUPERVISION + 8 Storage Add Pack  75*10+250*8=2750GB storage and 105*10+250*8=3050GB migration $ 1,107 x 10 + $ 1,153 x 8 = $ 20294/year
  Need help while deciding quantities? Contact us. Our experts will understand your tech landscape, requirements and suggest the most suitable plan, which may even be the enterprise plan.
When you subscribe to any of the plans, you can use any of the following services for your data backup, supervision and compliance needs.
Plan dimension Service available What can you do?
Storage (blended) Active Store Store frequently used email data that is indexed for rapid ediscovery and extraction.
Open Store Store infrequently used email and file data and access on demand.
Live Store Archive SaaS data, support sharing & collaboration around email and file data with experts.
Access Administration Data Management console.
Self Service Browse my own data.
Migration (blended) Export Export entire vaults, download specific files/emails, extract search results.
Import Import legacy file and email data.
Movement between stores Internal automatic of manually initiated movement of data between the stores to enable specific functions and optimize costs.
Our plans are aligned to your needs and expected outcomes. Review the table below to map your needs/outcomes to our plans.  
Your Operational needs Outcomes expected Suggested Plan
Backup EMAIL and FILE data Business Continuity to protect against data loss. CONTINUITY SUPERVISION COMPLIANCE
Search Information
Recover information
Global, deep ediscovery Supervisory view to monitor emails for quality, legal and compliance needs
Backup data from SAAS tools Audit and Compliance readiness
Long term data retention
Share and collaborate with experts
  Need help choosing a plan? Contact us. Our experts will understand your tech landscape, requirements and suggest the most suitable plan, which may even be the enterprise plan.

Professional services - data management for small businesses (3)

Vaultastic provides on-demand rich cloud and data services to help you easily manage your archived data. We did this to make your IT teams more productive and focus on projects that grow your business. Your team can, with minimal effort, use the dashboards, controls, policies, migration tools, and automation assistance of Vaultastic to easily manage your data. Learn more.
Vaultastic encrypts your data end-to-end, ensuring total data privacy during transit and at rest. Besides encryption, Vaultastic deploys several other security controls along multiple layers to give you the assurance you need.
Our platform uses intelligent deduplication, storage tiering, and pure consumption billing, amongst many strategies to name a few. Vaultastic engineers work very hard to optimize costs along multiple dimensions to ensure that your costs stay under control, year on year, even as your storage and usage grow. Learn more about how you can optimize up to 60% of costs on cloud data archiving.

Salesforce archiving solutions (3)

No. Your data is private and secure and accessible only to you via the Vaultastic application or API. Besides a host of security controls that protect your critical information, your data is encrypted at rest and in transit to ensure that nobody but you can access your information. Learn more about Vaultastic’s bulletproof security framework.
Vaultastic stores your archived emails in their original form, with all headers and attachments intact.
You can configure Salesforce to archive a copy of all emails sent via the CRM tool to Vaultastic using the steps defined here.

Security (12)

Vaultastic integrates a collaboration tool to support securely and privately sharing archived information and managing incidents. No need to download/export data and share the copy with external users over email or any medium. Vaultastic invites the external users to collaborate and share their views on the selected pieces of data which you share with them. It all happens within Vaultastic with no movement of data and the entire conversation is recorded with the data as a permanent record. Learn more.
No. As explained in the answer above, your data is encrypted end-to-end, and only you can see it. The entire platform is self-service, which means that you and your team handle your data imports, exports, searches, and movements. Under no circumstances can our team access the content of your data. Besides, we are bound by an SLA with you and all our customers, which clearly documents how we accept, process, and store your data and our various responsibilities. Protected at seven layers of security in tamper-proof vaults, your data is at its highest level of safety in Vaultastic. Away from the prying eyes of hackers, cyberattacks, and ransomware attacks.
Yes, Vaultastic secures your data at seven layers above the infrastructure, using new-age cloud security tools and controls.  DDOS prevention is one of the many controls offered by Vaultastic’s comprehensive security framework. Learn more.
Vaultastic has robust tools and processes for continuous monitoring and management of security threats to build cyber resilience. Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and ongoing system upgrades are a part of our active security management practice. Learn more
Vaultastic starts with a zero-trust policy and disables access to all users by default. As an administrator, you would be responsible to define roles for various classes of users and give them the role-based access as per your policy. Using the Vaultastic dashboard you can keep a watch on the access rights allocated to users.
Vaultastic helps you comply with GDPR norms using a shared responsibility model, underlining its commitment to data privacy, security, and transparency while processing your information. Learn more. It builds resilience with the comprehensive annual AWS FTR, and regular independent VAPT audits to ensure cloud best practices on securityperformance, and reliability. Vaultastic also adheres to the stringent cybersecurity guidelines of industry regulators like RBISEBI, and IRDAI Learn more about the Vaultastic Assurance here.
Vaultastic uses 256-bit keys to encrypt your data at rest, in use and in transit. This high level of encryption ensures 100% data privacy as your data is visible only to you via your console. Encryption in use and in transit ensures that the information is not available to any sniffer or hacker who may try to intercept the flow.
Vaultastic has robust tools and processes for continuous monitoring and management of security threats to build cyber resilience. Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and ongoing system upgrades are a part of our active security management practice. Learn more
Vaultastic is cloud-native, built on the cloud and for the cloud and runs entirely on the AWS public cloud, leveraging the shared security model of the AWS Cloud. Mithi’s solutions are annually audited by AWS as part of complying with the FTR (Foundational Technical Review) program. In addition, as a practice, most of our large regulated customers run independent VAPT (Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration tests) periodically to confirm that the service is secured at all layers. We are proud to highlight that in over a decade of deploying our solutions on hundreds of servers, no intrusion has been reported.
Vaultastic leverages the shared security model of the AWS cloud which provides security OF the cloud and Vaultastic provides security IN the cloud. Vaultastic has a number of security measures along seven layers to protect your data, including encryption, access control, and auditing. In the unlikely event of your data getting compromised in case of a breach, the encryption measures in place would make it very difficult for attackers to access your data.
Vaultastic builds on the cloud’s shared security model to secure your data IN the cloud at seven layers and adheres to the cybersecurity guidelines of several Industry regulatory bodies. Vaultastic uses a public cloud platform which delivers 11 9’s of data durability with an in-built DR site to put to rest any anxieties about RTO and RPO. Strong end-to-end encryption ensure your data is visible only to you. Learn more about the Vaultastic Assurance here.
You. Vaultastic is only a custodian of your data. We safe-keep it for you and enable easy egress when you need to export your data.  If the volume of data is not conducive for export over the wire, we can ship it to you on a physical medium too.

Supervisory compliance (3)

Vaultastic supports multi-level ediscovery based on the role of the user. For any user, you can define the vaults they are allowed to search. E.g., a department head is allowed to search only across the vaults of the members of the department, OR an auditor can search across all users’ mailboxes, OR an IT team member can search across the vaults of all users except the VIP users.
Yes, certainly. Vaultastic’s intuitive ediscovery interface is designed to boost productivity. It allows you to save frequently required queries and run them with a single click.
Traditionally, the breach data is downloaded and transported over email or any storage device. While this extraction method is possible with Vaultastic, we propose a better, more secure, and private method. Vaultastic supports an integrated case management tool, which allows you to securely and privately share breach data with internal and external exports. The experts can share their views within the case management tool and discuss to resolve the issue rapidly.

Vaultastic for Financial services (10)

Absolutely and it is a recommended practice to optimize productivity. Once you receive a data access request, you can enable auditor access and allow secure, read-only access to selected vaults. You can also control whether the auditor can export the data, print it, or forward the data. Once the audit is complete, you can disable access.
Vaultastic follows a shared responsibility model when it comes to data privacy and protection. The platform ensures compliance with relevant Data Privacy acts, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regional or national data privacy laws. As a cloud-based solution, Vaultastic focuses on securely storing and processing data according to the specified requirements. The responsibility for choosing what data to collect, store, and delete lies with the organization using Vaultastic. This approach aligns with the shared responsibility model, where Vaultastic provides the infrastructure and security measures while customers retain control over their data and compliance obligations. For EU customers, Vaultastic applies the shared responsibility model to help them comply with GDPR. This framework, which has similar constructs to the Personal Data Protection Bill of 2019 and other relevant acts/bills, ensures that customers can trust Vaultastic to handle their data with utmost privacy and security while maintaining compliance with applicable data privacy regulations.
Yes, Vaultastic provides data residency options within country boundaries. As a cloud-based solution, Vaultastic offers the flexibility to choose data centers located in specific regions or countries to meet data residency requirements. This ensures that sensitive financial data remains within the jurisdiction and regulatory framework of the respective country, providing assurance and compliance with local data protection laws. By offering data residency options, Vaultastic enables financial services organizations to maintain control over their data and adhere to specific regulatory mandates regarding data localization and sovereignty. Learn more about Vaultastic’s security framework.
Vaultastic delivers 11 9’s of durability by storing immutable copies of your emails, files, and SaaS data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS. Learn more. As a perpetual archive in an operational cloud infrastructure separate from your primary mailing solution, Vaultastic assures that your archived emails are available for compliance on-demand.
Vaultastic integrates Legacyflo, the scalable migration tool, which can very easily import this data into respective vaults. Considering the size, we may recommend using the AWS snowball to physically move this data into the cloud to speed up the import. For such extensive data and as it grows further, Vaultastic can deploy storage tiering to segregate recent, frequently used communication data in the Active  store and aging infrequently used communication data into the Open Store to optimize costs of long-term retention of high volume data up to 60%.
Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archived data. Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access. The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser. Once you login, you can search for the required data and extract it granularly in portable formats.
Vaultastic offers a comprehensive cloud security framework with a 42-point security checklist that goes beyond configuring basic cloud security settings. It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback to mitigate security risks effectively over the long term. The solution leverages the industry-leading AWS cloud infrastructure, which guarantees cloud infrastructure security. In addition to this, Vaultastic enhances security at every component level, including network, data, and application, by implementing strong security controls such as role-based IAM, encryption at rest and in transit, DDOS protection, and multi-factor authentication. Learn more. Vaultastic is built ground-up to comply with the stringent cybersecurity guidelines of industry regulators like RBI, SEBI, and IRDAI. In addition to regular independent vulnerability scans, to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, the entire platform undergoes an FTR (Foundational Technical Review) annually by AWS  to review and certify its security infrastructure. Related: The Vaultastic Assurance
You own your data; it is like your jewelry in the bank’s locker. We are simply custodians of your data. We boast the most customer-friendly data exit policy amongst cloud data management offerings. Due to our unique pay-per-use model, you are under no long-term contract. You are free to exit at any point in time. You can export all your data before you cancel the account, or if the data is too large, you may request that we ship this to you on a physical medium. Our data exit policy is customer-friendly and quick. The export of data or the physical data shipment attracts a pro-rated charge for data movement. Our proposal documents the data export charges.
In a nutshell, your regulators want you to deliver a reliable, always-on, and secure experience to your customers and keep all static and transactional data safe and secure for an extended period in an easily discoverable form and all within the country’s boundaries. They expect financial institutions to have robust risk management frameworks, internal controls, and reporting mechanisms in place to mitigate risks, protect customer interests, and maintain market integrity. Compliance with data privacy regulations, and cybersecurity measures is also crucial. Since email is the primary mode of internal and external communication, the regulator expects you to securely preserve all financially related email data as well as that of active and former employees for a period  of between 7-10  years (depending on the type of financial entity)  in a search-ready format. Vaultastic can help financial institutions with this.
Yes, Vaultastic encrypts all data as per the cybersecurity guidelines of your financial services industry regulator. Data encryption is a crucial aspect of Vaultastic’s security measures. It employs advanced encryption techniques to protect data both during transit and at rest. By adhering to cybersecurity guidelines, Vaultastic ensures that financial services organizations meet the regulatory requirements regarding data protection and encryption, mitigating the risk of data breaches and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their data. Learn more.

Vaultastic for GSuite (28)

Yes. You can archive emails only for a selected set of users using the journaling configurations on Google Workspace (G Suite).
Yes absolutely. To protect against accident or malicious deletion, you must backup your entire google drive data to an independent, secure archive. Learn more here.
Yes. You can add vaults (corresponding to mailboxes on your Google Workspace environment) and import your PST files into these vaults. The email data, once imported, is now available in a search-ready form.
Yes absolutely. Vaultastic is a robust email archiving solution for GSuite that protects your critical email data in a perpetual archive in a separate cloud. Amongst the google email archive solutions, Vaultastic ranks high since it delivers massive cost optimization even as your storage grows, stores your data with high durability and security, and provides flexible tools for discovery and extraction. A centralized g suite email archive helps faster discovery across user mailboxes/vaults, thus improving response times to data requests.
Yes, emails and files are archived in a central repository in Vaultastic. Tools for the ediscovery of emailssearching for files, and extraction help granularly locate emails and files from across vaults and user accounts and extract them to portable formats.
Vaultastic is an elastic GSuite backup solution that can protect your business-critical emails and the files on your Google Drive accounts in a central, unified repository that enables long-term data retention.
Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archived data. Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access. The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser. Once you login, you can search for the required data and extract it granularly in portable formats.
If you use the paid version of Google Workspace, you can enable journaling for select or all users so that a copy of all their emails is sent to Vaultastic in real time. As the live emails get archived to Vaultastic, you can search and recover any email(s) using the ediscovery tool.
You can archive your emails and important files from Google Drive to a separate infrastructure like Vaultastic for added redundancy and flexibility in Google Workspace. Use journaling on Google Workspace to automatically back up a copy of all emails in real time and periodically sync files from your Google Drive accounts to Vaultastic.
Separate email archiving for Google Workspace works by configuring journaling on Google Workspace to divert a copy of every inbound and outbound email to a separate cloud archive like Vaultastic. On Vaultastic, the emails are stored in a central repository in a search-ready form, making it easy for organizations to retrieve and review emails as needed. A separate email archive independent of the Google Workspace infrastructure can be crucial for meeting regulatory and operational requirements. This independent cloud-based archive provides an added layer of protection and agility for the organization.
Vaultastic is a cloud-based data archiving solution allowing businesses to securely archive their email, files, and other digital communication data. It provides archiving solutions for various platforms, including Google Apps and Google Docs. When Vaultastic is used as a Google Apps or a Google Docs Archive, it integrates with your organization’s Google Workspace account and automatically archives all inbound and outbound emails in real time. It uses the Google Journaling capability to capture email data, ensuring nothing is missed. In addition, Vaultastic can all documents, spreadsheets, and other files created or modified in Google Docs from your Google Drive to securely protect them. The archived data is then stored securely in the cloud and is easily searchable and retrievable using the web-based Vaultastic console. Vaultastic also provides e-discovery, legal hold, and advanced search capabilities to help organizations comply with regulations and legal requirements. It provides a full-text search of all archived data and advanced search filters to locate specific emails or documents quickly. Overall, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive and secure email and document archiving solution for businesses that use Google Apps and Google Docs.
A google workspace archive license allows you to park ex-employee data in a Google Vault specifically meant for this. However, the google workspace archive user license cost can be expensive compared to Vaultastic, which optimizes long-term data retention costs to deliver upward of 60% savings. Besides cost savings, you benefit from the additional redundancy of having your data in an infrastructure separate from Google Workspace. Also, you improve your compliance postures with an independent archive since that is what regulators expect. Our customers find it easy to perform ediscovery across the vaults and stores of former employees from a single console driving up productivity. Learn more: Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees.
The best way to archive files in Google Drive is via a periodic, regular sync of the files generated, stored, and modified. Vaultastic can sync Google Drive archive files using a complete sync for the first time and then an incremental sync regularly to capture the changes. Learn more here.
If you use the paid version of Google Workspace, you can enable journaling for select or all users so that a copy of all their emails is sent to Vaultastic in real time. As the live emails get archived to Vaultastic, you can search and recover any email(s) using the ediscovery tool.
Vaultastic is an independent cloud-based solution answering this popular question of how to back up my google drive. Take complete backups of selected Google Drive accounts and follow this with regular incremental backups to ensure you never lose a file. Are you still wondering how do I back up my google drive? Learn more about Vaultastic’s file archiving capabilities here.
People often ask, “how to backup my data from google account?” Emails and Files carry a bulk of your business-critical unstructured data. Ensuring a backup of this data is a great way to backup your google account. Vaultastic can help you with an independent data archive for all your emails and files from Google drive. The backup is automatic, safe, and secure. You are now free from the risk of data deletion and tampering.
Vaultastic is a safe solution to backup your data on google drive. Automated tools for complete and incremental migration of files/documents increase productivity when you backup your google drive data. Learn more here and here.
If you are doing this to keep a copy of all your files on Google Drive, consider a more secure and durable option like Vaultastic. Backing up google drive to an external hard drive increases data loss, corruption, fragmentation, and tampering risks, making the solution very risky. Vaultastic’s cloud-based data archiving solution provides an excellent alternative to back up OneDrive files and reduces risks related to accidental or intentional erasures. Vaultastic complies with industry regulatory norms and provides exceptionally durable storage to put you at ease. Learn more here.
While the traditional popular method is to backup Google Drive files to an external hard drive or backup Google Drive to local drive, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a Google Drive backup. A cloud backup for Google Drive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your business-critical file data from Google Drive in an independent store.
While the traditional popular method is to backup Google Drive files to hard drive or take a backup from Google Drive to pc, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a Google Drive backup. A cloud backup for Google Drive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your business-critical file data from Google Drive in an independent store.
Vaultastic is the best email archiving solution for G Suite because it delivers complete data life cycle support. Vaultastic can archive live email data from your Google Workspace users and centrally protect fragmented legacy data. As the use and age of data change, Vaultastic provides tools and options to protect and manage the data across its lifecycle.
Yes, and it’s a fantastic alternative to using google for employee data retention. Instead of saving former employee emails and files from their google drive accounts to a Google Vault charged as archive user licenses, you can save up to 60% or more by protecting this data on Vaultastic. Besides the massive cost savings, Vaultastic helps you stay compliant with regulations that require you to protect data in independent stores. Our customers find it easy to perform ediscovery across the vaults and stores of former employees from a single console driving up productivity. Learn more: Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees
A popular question – should you backup google drive? Another one – Is google drive backed up? While Google Drive may be inherently reliable, your files are prone to tampering and accidental or intentional erasures by your users, putting your organization at grave risk of data loss. To ensure business continuity, it’s a good practice to ensure your google drive is backed up regularly to an independent cloud store in immutable secured storage. While backup google drive locally is a popular option, we recommend not doing this. On-premise backups have their risks and costs, as explained here. Instead, try Vaultastic, a cloud-based elastic archive that can ingest your google drive data completely and incrementally to ensure secure data protection for your critical files. Learn more here.
Google Vault is a cloud-based archiving and e-discovery solution for G Suite customers. It allows businesses to retain, search, and export data from G Suite services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Chat. It is primarily used for e-discovery, legal compliance, and data retention. Vaultastic is a cloud-based data archiving solution that is a fantastic Google Vault alternative. Data Redundancy, easier ediscovery across user accounts, and up to 60% cost optimization are some of the reasons customers choose Vaultastic to archive google workspace data. While Vaultastic provides similar data archiving functionality as Google Vault, it is not limited to G Suite users. It can work with various email platforms such as Office 365, Zimbra, and others. Vaultastic also provides additional features like email backup, tamper-proof archiving, and advanced search options.
Leaving mailboxes and drive accounts of ex-employees disabled on the Primary mail/workplace productivity solution like Google Workspace/G Suite is a standard method but an unnecessary cost. The best way to protect the data assets of former employees is to archive their emails and files from their mailboxes, and Google Drive accounts to an independent cloud archive like Vaultastic. The redundancy and centralization assure control and security for your data. Learn more: Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees
Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are essential for companies as they store crucial data generated by users. Archiving and backing up this data is vital to ensure its safekeeping and accessibility. Vaultastic Open Store is the best way to archive files from Google Drive and archive OneDrive for business files. It supports full and incremental syncs of files and offers tools for searching and selectively retrieving files from archives. Data stored in Vaultastic is protected with multiple layers of security, ensuring its high durability and easy accessibility. Vaultastic follows strict regulatory guidelines, improving your compliance and legal posture concerning data retention and access. Learn more here and here.
Yes. Configuring Vaultastic for mail domains hosted on Cloud email services such as Google Workspace (G Suite) ensures that a physical copy of every mail sent and received is available on the AWS cloud. This multi-cloud strategy reduces your risk of vendor lock-in as you control your most critical data in an independent infrastructure. Read More: Optimize costs on G Suite subscriptions – Maintain email data of former employees on inexpensive cloud stores like AWS S3.

Vaultastic for Office 365 (22)

Yes, Vaultastic can archive your existing M365 data. This includes emails currently available in mailboxes, offline PST files, and files on OneDrive. You can choose to archive all of your data or just specific data types, such as emails or files. Vaultastic also allows you to set retention policies for your archived data, so you can automatically delete old data after a certain period.
Yes. You can archive emails only for a selected set of users using the journaling configurations on Microsoft 365. Learn more here
Yes, you can restore your archived Microsoft 365 data to Microsoft 365 at any time. To restore emails from the ediscovery view, search and select the data you want to restore and click the Restore button. Alternatively, you can export desired data as a PST file and import that into M365 via Outlook. To restore files, you have archived from OneDrive for Business. Vaultastic provides a search tool to locate the required files from the backup and then extraction tools to export the selected files.
Not required. Refer here
No, the integration between Vaultastic and M365 does not impact your existing M365 workflow. Vaultastic works behind the scenes to archive your data, so you can continue to use M365 as you normally would.
Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archived data. Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access. The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser. Once you login, you can search for the required data and extract it granularly in portable formats.
The best way to back up OneDrive is through periodic sync of the generated, stored, and modified files. Vaultastic can sync files from Microsoft OneDrive using a complete sync for the first time and then an incremental sync regularly to capture the changes. Learn more here
Vaultastic integrates with Microsoft Office 365 using Journaling and secure API connections. This allows Vaultastic to access and archive your M365 data without disrupting your existing workflow. To integrate Vaultastic and Microsoft 365, you must create a Vaultastic account and connect your Microsoft 365 tenant to Vaultastic. You can start archiving your data once you have connected your Microsoft 365 tenant. Journaling sends a copy of every email sent and received by selected users to Vaultastic. Learn more Vaultastic imports legacy email data from mailboxes and files from OneDrive using the secure API exposed by Microsoft 365.
The frequency of archiving files from OneDrive for Business will depend on your organization’s specific needs and regulations. Since the files on OneDrive for Business carry business-critical data generated by users, we recommend a frequent schedule of incremental backups after the entire initial backup.   A daily backup works best. Learn more here
Having adequate storage in the active user mailbox or OneDrive may not protect your critical data against accidental or intentional erasure, theft, or corruption. In addition, Microsoft 365 offers Exchange Online archiving capabilities to extend the size of the Inbox. Coupled with features such as legal hold and retaining deleted items for some time, it may seem as if the data is protected. However, it may not provide a complete, up-to-date copy of all the data and the granularity, searchability, and compliance capabilities that a separate data archive solution offers. If your organization has specific regulatory or legal requirements for data retention and archiving, or if you need advanced search and discovery capabilities for historical data across user vaults, it may be beneficial to use a separate data archive solution for Microsoft 365. Learn more here
Yes, the integration between Vaultastic and M365 is very secure. Vaultastic is secured at seven layers to protect your data, including encryption, access control, and auditing. The transfer of data between M365 and Vaultastic is end-to-end encrypted.
Vaultastic’s robust data protection platform can deliver secure OneDrive file archiving to achieve multi-layered and durable OneDrive file protection. Vaultastic offers complete and incremental backup of files on OneDrive using automated tools and an operational cloud infrastructure separate from Microsoft. Amongst file archiving solutions to backup OneDrive files, Vaultastic excels in speed, ease, and cost optimization of storage.
Even though OneDrive is on the cloud, it is not safe from the tampering of files or accidental and intentional file erasures. Also, when an employee leaves your organization, how will you preserve the corporate data generated, stored, and used by the employee via OneDrive? In a regulated industry, you must have an independent backup of all data in separate, safe, secure, and durable storage. Hence, regularly backing up all your business-critical data on OneDrive to different cloud storage is advised.
You can archive file data from user accounts and particular folders from OneDrive for Business. While specifying the job, you can also set the modified or created time. Learn more here 
There are several benefits to using Vaultastic to archive your Microsoft 365 data, including: Comprehensive archiving: Vaultastic can archive the most critical of your Microsoft 365 data, viz., emails and files Compliance: Vaultastic helps you to comply with various industry regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX, which require organizations to retain data for specific periods of time. eDiscovery: Vaultastic makes searching and retrieving archived data for eDiscovery purposes easy Risk management: Vaultastic helps you to reduce the risk of data loss and corruption by archiving your data to a secure cloud location. Cost optimization: Vaultastic can help you save money on your Microsoft 365 storage costs by archiving inactive data to a lower-cost storage tier.
If you are doing this to keep a copy of all your files on OneDrive, consider a safer, more secure, and scalable option like Vaultastic. A OneDrive backup to an external hard drive increases data loss, corruption, and tampering risks, rendering the whole solution very risky Vaultastic’s cloud-based data archiving solution provides an excellent alternative to back up OneDrive files and reduces risks related to accidental or intentional erasures. Vaultastic complies with industry regulatory norms and provides exceptionally durable storage to put you at ease. Learn more here.
Vaultastic can archive emails and files from Microsoft Office 365 and can be easily scaled to archive other data types as well.
To ensure a complete OneDrive backup of all files, we recommend using Vaultastic as follows:
  1. Take a complete OneDrive backup of all the users’ files.
  2. Now, incrementally back up OneDrive files daily to ensure complete capture of all changes and additions on that day.
Using this simple strategy, you can archive or back up OneDrive for business data to ensure complete redundancy for your critical information. Learn more here 
While the traditional popular method is to backup OneDrive files to an external hard drive or backup OneDrive to a local drive, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a OneDrive backup. A cloud backup for OneDrive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your business-critical file data from OneDrive in an independent store. My regulator wants me to provide a OneDrive backup and disaster recovery plan. How do I achieve this quickly? We propose using Vaultastic as an add-on to OneDrive for business. This simple integration will help you with regular OneDrive backups and ensure you preserve your valuable data on the Vaultastic cloud with 11 9’s durability backed by an in-built disaster recovery site. Vaultastic is a simple but robust tool supporting the backup and recovery of OneDrive. A single pane of glass administration eases the management of your OneDrive backup and retention strategy.
Archiving files from OneDrive for Business involves creating a backup copy of the files to separate independent storage on another cloud. Vaultastic does this by allowing you to define the files you should archive from the user’s drive based on the date and time and other relevant attributes of the files. Using the same tools, you can also take regular incremental backups of the files changed between the two backups. Learn more here
To adhere to the regulatory guidelines for data security, you must ensure a physically separate, secure, and durable copy of all your critical data. A robust backup and recovery strategy for OneDrive focuses on archiving the files on OneDrive to independent cloud storage. Thus, a powerful OneDrive backup and compliance are inextricably linked.
Having a separate and centrally accessible archive for Microsoft 365 emails and OneDrive data can provide additional protection for critical data while optimizing the cost of data retention. Specifically, here are a few reasons:
  1. Move data assets used by former employees to Vaultastic to optimize subscription costs.
  2. Regulations, laws, and IT best practices need a separate and independent backup from where the data is generated.
  3. A large cloud mailbox does not protect data from accidental or intentional deletions.
  4. Exchange Online Archive only extends your Inbox size and is not a complete copy of your data and, hence, not a data protection tool.
  5. Switching on the legal hold option prevents the user from deleting data henceforth, but it cannot undo earlier deletions.
  6. This multi-cloud strategy reduces your risk of vendor lock-in as you control your most critical data in an independent infrastructure.
Learn more

Vaultastic rock solid reliability (4)

Vaultastic provides a highly available archive in the cloud by storing immutable copies of your email data in AWS’s multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers). The data is written simultaneously to both DCs, ensuring a near-zero RPO and, therefore, data durability of 11 9’s. Learn more.
This article, comparing on-premises archival to cloud archival, should help answer this question.
Vaultastic protects your data in the cloud using multiple layers of security, which build on the cloud shared security model. Some of these controls include encryption (at rest and in transit), identity, access management, and authorization, which means your data is accessible only by authorized people. Learn more.
You own your data. We safe keep it for you. We are only the custodians of your data. Vaultastic confirms Data Compatibility and Portability with tools and devices for Mass Data Extraction if needed. Related: The Vaultastic Assurance

Zimbra (4)

Zimbra supports a journaling feature that will send a copy of every email sent or received to the designated target when enabled. Vaultastic’s cloud archiving platform has a connector to ingest emails from Zimbra and safeguard them for regulatory compliance. In addition, Vaultastic’s rich cloud services enable easy, fast, and precise discovery to improve your compliance postures and audit readiness.
reliable, robust cloud archive can protect 100% of your email data and make it indifferent to any action done on the email client. Thus, if your users  accidentally or intentionally delete emails, you can be sure to find them in the archive.
Vaultastic integrates new-age automatic migration tools to support significant volume ingestion of email data from mailboxes or files in PST, EML, or MBOX formats. You can configure jobs and upload the PST files into the tool to import them into the cloud archive.
Vaultastic’s cross-platform connectors will support your cloud migration initiatives by ingesting emails from the new solution. Vaultastic will add the latest data to the same central archive, which contains emails from your Zimbra server, thereby maintaining your data’s continuity and integrity.
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