On-demand data management services

Cut disruptions, risks, and costs with Vaultastic’s modern information protection and life cycle management solution.

Manage Change

Protect high-volume current and ex-employee data at highly optimized costs

Cut Legal Risks

Meet legal and regulatory requirements on privacy and data protection.

Pre-empt Risks

Ensure oversight and supervision – for compliance and incident management.

Protect Critical Data

Prevent misuse and tampering of data records. Recover from data loss.​​

Saving on data protection and management costs
10 %+
Upto 2.5X ROI just in terms of saved costs
1 X
Near zero maintenance. 99.9% availability and 11 9's of data durability
10 %

Trusted by leading enterprises

On-demand and agile data management for risk mitigation and compliance management

Reduce legal and compliance risks. Cut costs and productivity loss.


Business Continuity

Improve data resilience with centralized and durable storage. Restore any data lost due to security breaches.



Gain compliance, audit, and investigation readiness with immutable, encrypted, centralized archival stores.


Improve oversight with role-based supervisory access. Easily and privately share and collaborate on potential violations.


Legal Readiness

Cover legal risk. Automatically archive all communications & documents with centralized search & retrieval.

Ensure data availability

Centrally archive live and legacy data from individual user accounts and file stores to support business continuity, regulatory compliance, and legal readiness.

Migrate your data securely

Discover data rapidly

Use Ediscovery and extraction tools to quickly and accurately locate reusable and reference information to drive business productivity.

Reduce data protection costs

Optimize the cost of long-term data retention with a centralized, elastic data archive and secure data governance controls. Manage conditional and granular retention for various roles and safely dispose of unneeded data in line with regulatory and policy guidelines.

Protect all your live and legacy data

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Centralized, cross-platform, and elastic storage for efficient archival

Overcome challenges of data fragmentation on too many storage mediums, rapidly growing data, increasing data types and data sources, and rising data management costs

High-availability stores with accurate discovery and automated data operations

Overcome technical debt challenges of legacy IT architectures, data loss and corruption, handling unpredictable data needs, and lack of data management automation.

Highly secure archival stores with supervisory access and controls

Overcome Information governance challenges of adhering to stringent regulatory compliances, data security and recovery guidelines, and privacy regulations and laws.

Cut data risks, ensure compliance

Flexible pricing plans to get started

Backup active and historical data.
45GB store (**)
75GB migration (***)
  • Automated email & file archival
  • Automated import legacy data
  • Search and activate data
  • Export in portable formats
Centralized discovery and access.
75GB store (**)
105GB migration (***)
Continuity features +
  • Hierarchical deep E-discovery
  • Share information & collaborate with teams
  • Conditional retention and lifecycle management
Supports audits and investigations.
120GB store (**)
160GB migration (***)
Supervision features +
  • Live archive data from SaaS tools
  • Incident escalation and management
  • Audit trail & reports
Tailored for special risk and compliance needs.
As per need
Recommended for 200+ users.
Compliance features + 
  • Custom deployment
  • Custom migration
  • Custom integrations
  • APIs

Vaultastic certainly makes data management faster, easier, cost-effective, highly efficient, and more secure.

Rajeev Singh Vikas Groups
Rajiv Singh
CIO/Program Director, Vikas Group

Vaultastic’s ediscovery feature has replaced BCC copies. This has come as a great benefit to the legal department as well.

Tarkeshwar Gupta
Sr.Manager-IT (Systems), T & T Motors Pvt Ltd

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"Vaultastic is essential for safeguarding email data"

G2- Vaultastic

"Handy dashboard and that's too customisable"

Gartner - Vaultastic

"Innovation and solutioning at its best"

Cut Risks. Improve Availability.

Save upto 60% on data protection and management costs with Vaultastic

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