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About Vikas Group
Vikas Group is a well-established manufacturer in both automotive solutions and retail. They’re known for their world-class products, including compressors, hoses, and heat exchangers, and are a leader in thermal management and emissions systems.
Understanding The Challenges
  • Unviability of backup on the same infrastructure

    Achieving data backup & resilience within the primary SaaS platform was unviable technically and commercially.

  • Need for secure & compliant data retention

    Complying with regulations and residency norms required an independent, secure data archive.

  • Slow and cumbersome discovery

    Finding data on the fragmented storage was both challenging and a drain on productivity.

Delivering the Solution
  • Unified live and legacy data archive

    Live and Legacy data archival to Vaultastic, an independent cloud SaaS data management platform to cater to long-term data retention and resilience goals.

  • Optimise cost even as storage grows

    Leverage Vaultastic’s multi-dimension cost optimisation strategies to reduce TCO and drive the ROI, even as storage grows.

  • On-demand data ops tools

    Benefit from Vaultastic’s on-demand cloud data tools that enable flexible search across user accounts and atomised data extraction on demand.

  • 9 times faster eDiscovery & Recovery
  • 70% lower data protection cost for 1500+ users
  • 47% Storage Savings with global deduplication
  • 2.5X ROI on cost savings alone
  • Protecting the live data of 1500+ users and approx 5 TB of legacy data
“Vaultastic certainly makes data management faster, easier, cost-effective, highly efficient, and more secure.”
Rajeev Singh Vikas Groups

Rajiv Singh

CIO/Program Director, Vikas Group

“The onboarding was smooth, and we could get started on active data archiving in minutes. We also quickly migrated legacy data and saw that Vaultastic protected all our data via the search
IT TEAM, vikas group
ISMT Limited
About ISMT Limited
ISMT Limited is India’s largest integrated specialized seamless tube manufacturer, serving industries such as energy, power generation, and automotive with plants in Maharashtra and international locations
Understanding The Challenges
  • Managing large and growing email volumes with user mailbox sizes between 40-50 GB.
  • Recovering emails lost due to accidental deletion or device loss.
  • Meeting government regulations for email retention and retrieval.
Delivering the Solution
  • Vaultastic archives every email sent and received by on-premise and cloud users.
  • eDiscovery console for quick email retrieval
  • Separate operational infrastructure on AWS cloud for data redundancy and protection.
  • Tamper-proof, immutable email archive to meet compliance requirements.
Delivering the Benefits
  • Simplified email storage management.
  • Easy execution of deep searches across user vaults, retrieving emails in seconds
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Increased end-user productivity with a DIY portal for email search and retrieval.
  • Reduced IT tickets and boosted IT productivity.

“Does a great job at what it says. I would recommend Vaultastic based on the reasonable cost and ease of use.”

Mr. Atul Kirane

Vice President (Systems), ISMT Limited

Cashpor MicroCredit
About Cashpro Micro Credit

Cashpor MicroCredit provides microfinance services to women in remote
regions of eastern U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, serving over 0.8 million clients.
They also offer community health training programs and insurance products.

Understanding The Challenges
  • Limited mailbox space reducing mail service performance.
  • Dependency on a single person for backups and trimming mailboxes.
  • Growing employee numbers increasing storage needs.
  • High operational costs with the existing IT setup.
Delivering the Solution
  • Automated backup with Vaultastic.
  • Implemented retention policies for mailbox management.
  • Cloud-based email backup for easy disaster recovery.
  • eDiscovery for complex searches across user mailboxes.
Delivering the Benefits
  • Reduced fear of running out of space.
  • Automated mailbox trimming to maintain performance
  • Saved operational bandwidth.
  • Improved compliance with regulations.
  • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities.

“It’s easy to look for emails inside the archive…even a layman can understand and use it without any problem”

Mr. Anjan Kar

CIO/Program Director, Vikas Group

Mahanagar bank
About Mahanagar Co-Operative Bank
Mahanagar Co-operative Bank, established in 1973, initially served mill workers, dock workers, small shops, and self-employed individuals. It later expanded to cater to all sectors of society, offering comprehensive banking services.
Understanding The Challenges
  • Requirement to store all emails due to SEBI regulations.
  • Rapid growth causing email bloat and slowing down primary mail server performance
  • Manual, unproductive process of backing up emails to USB drives weekly.
  • Increased risk of data loss from storing emails on local devices.
Delivering the Solution
  • Implemented Vaultastic for email backup.
  • Unlimited storage with Vaultastic eliminating space concerns.
  • Self-service portal for users to access and export their archived emails.
  • eDiscovery for instant email retrieval.
Delivering the Benefits
  • Eliminated email bloat, improving primary mailbox performance.
  • Reduced risk of data loss with cloud-based storage.
  • Increased productivity with self-service email recovery.
  • Faster response times for email retrieval and compliance.

We don’t have to worry about storage growth since that is automatic and unlimited.

Mr. Ulhas Dhamale

Sr. IT Manager, The Mahanagar Co-op Bank Ltd.

Sharada Industries
About Sharada Industries
Sharada Industries (SI), established in 1974, manufactures sheet metal components and assemblies for large OEMs like Tata Motors and Bharat Electronics, operating 11 manufacturing facilities across three locations in India.
Understanding The Challenges
  • On-premise NAS storage for email grew to 10 TB within three years, becoming difficult to manage.
  • Emails stored in raw format required tech experts for searching and retrieval, burdening the IT team.
  • Frequent power cuts in the industrial area risked data loss.
Delivering the Solution
  • Storing a copy of every email on Vaultastic with elastic storage.
  • Authorized users can access and retrieve emails easily using eDiscovery.
  • Searchable copies of emails stored to increase accountability.
  • Vaultastic’s DIY portal and automatic upgrades reduced IT management needs.
Delivering the Benefits
  • Eliminated the need to manage storage and worry about data loss due to power cuts.
  • Users can access archived emails without IT support, reducing project management delays.
  • Data securely stored on the cloud with no storage limits
  • Increased IT team capacity to focus on core initiatives.
  • Saved approximately USD 10K on storage costs.

“Vaultastic has increased accountability across all our employees and the speed of work.”

Ms. Kanchan Pant

COO, Sharada Industries

T&T Industries
About T&T Motors
T&T Motors is the largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Delhi/NCR & Rajasthan, India, offering extensive service facilities and advanced machinery for luxury cars.
Understanding The Challenges
  • Lack of a tamper-proof system to monitor salespeople’s conversations with customers.
  • Salespeople sending BCC copies of emails to managers, overwhelming them with emails.
  • High volume of emails adding to primary mail storage issues.
Delivering the Solution
  • Implemented Vaultastic with eDiscovery to replace BCC copies.
  • Managers use saved queries to monitor all conversations easily.
  • Tamper-proof storage ensures no email conversations are lost.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to emails with saved eDiscovery searches.
Delivering the Benefits
  • Accurate supervision of all email exchanges by managers
  • Reduced inbox clutter and increased productivity
  • No more backups required, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Legal protection with access to original email copies for proceedings.

“Vaultastic’s ediscovery feature has replaced BCC copies. This has come as a great benefit to the legal department as well.”


Mr. Tarkeshwar Gupta

Sr.Manager-IT (Systems), T & T Motors Pvt Ltd

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A backup tool is a point-in-time snapshot meant primarily to recover from the infrastructure’s corruption, loss, or damage.
Archiving is creating a copy of your data in a separate storage location. Once you have enabled archiving, you can safely free up storage on your primary devices, storage, and apps.
In Vaultastic, you can archive files from your Google Drive and OneDrive for business accounts. You can do a complete backup, followup by periodic incremental backups of the files. You do this by configuring file archiving jobs in Vaultastic.
Vaultastic supports many popular cloud and on-premise email solutions, including MS 365, Google Workspace, MS Exchange, Zimbra, and more. Learn about supported platforms here.
Archiving saves important, inactive data for legal, historical, or regulatory reasons. It frees up space, protects information, and improves system performance by keeping inactive data separate from active data.
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