How much archive storage do I need?

While planning your archive storage requirements, consider the following dimensions to arrive at a volume.
Dimension Description
Number of users (A) You are archiving data for these users/employees.  Some of these may be un-manned systems or shared accounts that are used for sending notifications, reports, and handling support.
Annual average data growth per user in GBs. (B) This storage growth typically spans between 0.1GB to 5 GB and can go up to 10-15 GB in some extreme cases.  The storage growth depends on your industry vertical and the user’s role. From our experience working with hundreds of customers, we’ve seen the following regular patterns: 0.5 GB – Light usage with nominal use of attachments. Emails are mainly used for messaging. Approx 40 emails a day per user with an average size of 35KB per email. Small file creation averaging 1-2 files a day. 1 GB – Medium usage with fair usage of attachments. Emails are used for messaging and transacting business documents. Approx 50 emails a day with an average size of 60KB. Mid-sized file creation averaging 2-4 files a day. 1.5 GB – Heavy email usage with relatively large attachments. The whole business depends on Emails. Approx 60 emails a day with an average size of 70KB. Creation of large files, including media, averages 6-8 files daily. >1.5GB – Hefty usage. Typically unmanned system/notification email ids, heavy email users + file repositories.
Volume of legacy data that needs archiving in GBs. (C) Most organizations carry large volumes of emails and files stored on offline storage devices or as raw data on cloud stores.  You have PST, EML, or MBOX files for emails and pretty much any format files covering your business-critical data.
  Once you get the above numbers, you can apply the following formula to estimate your data storage requirements: Estimated storage required over the next 12 months = (A)*(B)+(C) E.g., for a mid-sized manufacturing organization with 300 users, whose average annual growth per user is 0.5 GB and they are carrying 1TB of legacy data, their estimated storage requirement over the next 12 months is: 300*0.5+1000 = 1150GB. If you are still unsure about how much storage you may need, please get in touch with us for a chat. Our experts are geared to answer your data management questions.

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