How secure is my data in the Vaultastic cloud?

Vaultastic offers a comprehensive cloud security framework with a 42-point security checklist that goes beyond configuring basic cloud security settings. It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback to mitigate security risks effectively over the long term. The solution leverages the industry-leading AWS cloud infrastructure, which guarantees cloud infrastructure security. In addition to this, Vaultastic enhances security at every component level, including network, data, and application, by implementing strong security controls such as role-based IAM, encryption at rest and in transit, DDOS protection, and multi-factor authentication. Learn more. Vaultastic is built ground-up to comply with the stringent cybersecurity guidelines of industry regulators like RBI, SEBI, and IRDAI. In addition to regular independent vulnerability scans, to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, the entire platform undergoes an FTR (Foundational Technical Review) annually by AWS  to review and certify its security infrastructure. Related: The Vaultastic Assurance

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