What is Google Vault used for? Is Vaultastic a Google vault alternative?

Google Vault is a cloud-based archiving and e-discovery solution for G Suite customers. It allows businesses to retain, search, and export data from G Suite services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Chat. It is primarily used for e-discovery, legal compliance, and data retention. Vaultastic is a cloud-based data archiving solution that is a fantastic Google Vault alternative. Data Redundancy, easier ediscovery across user accounts, and up to 60% cost optimization are some of the reasons customers choose Vaultastic to archive google workspace data. While Vaultastic provides similar data archiving functionality as Google Vault, it is not limited to G Suite users. It can work with various email platforms such as Office 365, Zimbra, and others. Vaultastic also provides additional features like email backup, tamper-proof archiving, and advanced search options.

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