What is the best way to back up OneDrive?

While the traditional popular method is to backup OneDrive files to an external hard drive or backup OneDrive to a local drive, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a OneDrive backup. A cloud backup for OneDrive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your business-critical file data from OneDrive in an independent store. My regulator wants me to provide a OneDrive backup and disaster recovery plan. How do I achieve this quickly? We propose using Vaultastic as an add-on to OneDrive for business. This simple integration will help you with regular OneDrive backups and ensure you preserve your valuable data on the Vaultastic cloud with 11 9’s durability backed by an in-built disaster recovery site. Vaultastic is a simple but robust tool supporting the backup and recovery of OneDrive. A single pane of glass administration eases the management of your OneDrive backup and retention strategy.

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