How does Vaultastic work as a google apps archive or a Google docs archive?

Vaultastic is a cloud-based data archiving solution allowing businesses to securely archive their email, files, and other digital communication data. It provides archiving solutions for various platforms, including Google Apps and Google Docs. When Vaultastic is used as a Google Apps or a Google Docs Archive, it integrates with your organization’s Google Workspace account and automatically archives all inbound and outbound emails in real time. It uses the Google Journaling capability to capture email data, ensuring nothing is missed. In addition, Vaultastic can all documents, spreadsheets, and other files created or modified in Google Docs from your Google Drive to securely protect them. The archived data is then stored securely in the cloud and is easily searchable and retrievable using the web-based Vaultastic console. Vaultastic also provides e-discovery, legal hold, and advanced search capabilities to help organizations comply with regulations and legal requirements. It provides a full-text search of all archived data and advanced search filters to locate specific emails or documents quickly. Overall, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive and secure email and document archiving solution for businesses that use Google Apps and Google Docs.

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