What happens if I consume all the storage I purchased? How do I add more storage to my archive?

Vaultastic operates on a trust-based license to reduce disruption and friction when upgrading resources. Irrespective of the plan you use, the system will not stop archiving data if your storage overflows beyond your purchased quantities, provide access to more users, or migrate more data than the plan supports. Our systems monitor overflow usage monthly and will send alerts to keep you informed. Alternatively, you can watch your subscription status via the Vaultastic Usage Dashboard. If our systems suggest a resource or plan upgrade for your account, our team will contact you and start a conversation. Your Options:
  1. For the CONTINUITY, SUPERVISION and COMPLAIANCE plans, you can top up the resources by purchasing additional quantities of the base plan or additional packs for access and storage and/or upgrading the plan to the next higher plan.
  2. If you are on the ENTERPRISE plan, your storage auto-expands as your consumption increases. There is no intervention required from your end. You pay for the actual usage, which we meter daily.

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