Gain Control with Supervisory Compliance Support

Ensure supervisory compliance and adherence to corporate communication policy with a centralized cloud archive and a fast, flexible multi-level search and share tool from Vaultastic for effective email communication in the workplace.

Why is Data Supervision Critical to Business Success?

Whether you are the CEO of a company or an IT manager, IT professionals across an organization are responsible for complying with regulations about email communications.

But the sheer volume of emails makes email supervision an arduous and overwhelming task. Adding to the volume challenge is the lightning-quick frequency of emails and the diverse nature of email communications. Evolving workplace norms, too, are adding to the challenge. The email supervision platter now includes supervising remote employees as well.

Compliance standards, financial security, organizational data safety, and team conduct are critical to a business’s growth and success. Thus, efficient email supervision is critical to maintaining effective email communication in the workplace. Efficient supervision in the workplace enables you to identify early the risks that can compromise your organization’s assets and reputation.

If you struggle to monitor your teams’ email communications and maintain regulatory compliance, it is time to switch to process-transforming solutions.

Prevent Risk of Sensitive Information Leak

From product/ service details to employee data, organizations possess segments of information that are sensitive and need to be safeguarded. Email monitoring makes it possible to bring any leak of such information under your purview.

Left unguarded, such leaks can also result in financial losses and damage to business reputation. With reliable email monitoring solutions, you can prevent such incidents before they cause irreparable damage.

Whether a product launch, price revision, or significant organizational restructuring, ensure that critical information does not fall into the wrong hands!

Ease your Supervisory Compliance operations

As a corporate, your organization is obliged to meet regulations that govern email communication compliance. These standards are critical to detecting and preventing crimes such as financial fraud and illegal practices such as insider trading. Meeting these standards as appropriate for your enterprise is therefore compulsory.

The ever-rising risk to cybersecurity continues to propel regulatory standards to newer definitions. As regulations update, your IT team must work harder to meet the more recent standards.

IT teams face the challenge of maintaining high-end data security to comply with these constantly-evolving regulatory norms.

Such regulations also require you to submit reports of compliance periodically. Regulatory compliance demonstrates your business’s commitment to maintaining legal and ethical standards. Any non-compliance can affect your business’s efficacy and reputation on domestic and global platforms.

With an email monitoring solution, you can comply with required compliance standards. If you already have a system that ensures compliance, you can improve its efficacy by upgrading to a more efficient email monitoring solution.

Ensure Supervisory Compliance with Organizational Communication Standards

Monitoring organizational email communication enables you to identify serious workplace incidents, including harassment and discrimination. Effective monitoring also gives insight into the prevalence of ethical violations that can negatively impact the workplace.

You can also identify other violations of your corporate communication policy with effective email communication monitoring.

Challenges with existing Data and Email Monitoring Solutions

Auto-bcc is the conventional email monitoring tool that most organizations use for email supervision and related compliance. This method typically consists of a specialized mailbox that collects copies of email communications for your review.

Key challenges that auto-bcc email monitoring presents include:

Sheer volume of emails managed

Emails only continue to grow while mailboxes do not scale up to the ever-increasing need. Though upgraded storage plans may present an option, they rarely help as mailboxes become full within no time.

Say goodbye to data fragmentation

Maintenance of multiple mailboxes leads to dispersed data. Such maintenance also consumes storage resources heavily, and these cluttered mailboxes make search overwhelming and inaccurate.

Slower Inflexible Discovery

Search efficiency is affected, and system performance becomes low. Data fragments make the search difficult, slow, and less accurate, making legal compliance an overwhelming task. Efficiency deteriorates further as email deposits increase and mailboxes multiply.

An ineffective, risky way to share data

There is no efficient system to inform legal teams of a potential breach. Reviewal may require transferring the email to law enforcement authorities, external auditors, and compliance team members.

Existing solutions enable legal review only by email forwarding. This method is not confidential and also makes tracking difficult.

Achieve premium email supervision performance with cloud-based Vaultastic. Experience the efficacy of this cloud data management platform with a free trial

How Vaultastic Helps you Overcome Existing Email Monitoring Challenges to ensure supervisory compliance?

Email data is your organization’s critical data asset. Given its role in maintaining effective communication in the workplace and email supervision compliance, it is crucial to maintain your email data effectively.

Unstructured maintenance of email data leads to compliance concerns and team and resource productivity issues, which are detrimental to business growth and success.

Vaultastic addresses your organization’s email monitoring challenges with cloud-based archiving. This future-ready solution creates cloud-based vaults to secure your data. These data vaults are tamper-proof and can store data for extended periods.

Vaultastic provides role-based access to email data. As a result, departmental heads and authorized supervisors across the organization can easily access the required data.

Simplify data supervision with these agile Vaultastic features

Get a cloud-based perpetual archive separate from MS Exchange. Vaultastic is infinitely scalable and keeps pace with your storage growth without any manual intervention.

Increase eDiscovery flexibility and speed with a click

Multi-level e-discovery controls enable limited search access to department heads for monitoring the emails of only their team members. Use simple Boolean logic for in-depth and accurate data retrieval.

Layered storage with security

Vaulastic optimizes storage costs along the entire data lifecycle using a hierarchical storage architecture, thus allowing you to preserve humongous volumes of data at compressed costs.

Get your queries resolved in a click

Save time and improve search efficiency with Saved Queries. A single click enables easy multiple searches.

Privately share breach data

Share suspicious emails with your legal team or authorized teams for reviewal via a secure, integrated case management tool. Learn more.

Extract Data in Portable Formats

Export search results or complete vaults in popular formats (PST/EML) for sharing with compliance teams to perform offline analysis.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic – cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change

Vaultastic’s robust information governance delivers superior Supervisory
Compliance support

With Vaultastic, you can perform multiple email data management functions with ease.

Be it data search, retrieval, unification, extraction, protection, or management, do it all with Vaultastic.

With its high-performing functions, Vaultastic enables faster email supervisory compliance, minimizes data security risks, and ensures cost efficiency.
Overall, Vaultastic results in effective email communication in the workplace and improved business agility.

  • Store email data not in fragments but in a “central cloud repository”: Email data is preserved in easy-to-access vaults, which facilitates faster search, retrieval, and extraction. Share email data easily, respond to litigations and regulatory norms faster and with accurate data, and adhere to data privacy and confidentiality laws, all with efficiency.
  • Drive Greater Team Performance:Brimming mailboxes impact system and user performance enormously. They make search almost impossible, slow down data sharing, and degrade server and system performance.With systems working beyond capacity, users struggle to maintain resources such as mailboxes to preserve critical emails while managing space for new emails.Vaultastic’s hierarchical storage prevents the concerns of stuffed mailboxes. With less-used emails moved to low-cost stores, primary mailboxes are spacious and lean. As a result, system performance and user productivity are both enormously improved.
  • Enhance team productivity with improved data accessibility:Vaultastic employs a search-enabled centralized email archive that can store email data for durable time stretches. The platform has “elastic cloud-store objects,” which enable data retrieval at any time and by any authorized user.Authorized users across the organization can access pertinent email data using web-based access. Users need not waste time or resources in obtaining approvals as the platform is role-based and facilitates self-service.
  • Optimize storage and save costs of up to 60%:With traditional mailbox storage of emails, you need to rely on storage plans to increase storage capacity. An alternate solution is to empty existing mailboxes, which is a time- and resource-consuming process.Vaultastic employs a hierarchical storage approach. You can move email data that requires less-frequent access to low-cost vaults. You can still access this data when needed.
  • Improve Organizational Readiness for Supervisory Compliance:Your organization needs to be ever-ready to comply with regulatory norms for data security, cybersecurity, privacy, audit, and legal purposes.Vaultastic has portable vaults that enable easier email search across different parameters and faster data retrieval, extraction, and share options. Data in the vaults is immutable, which ensures data integrity.With its efficient features, Vaultastic presents the best tool to rapidly meet your regulatory compliance demands and enhance the process for future compliance requirements.

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