Live archival and collaboration to supervise and manage critical processes

Vaultastic's live store has been designed for instant sharing and access to process information for quick and effective oversight and response

Live archival and collaboration to supervise and manage critical processes

Supervision and oversight made easy with live information archival and collaboration

Supervision is one of the key requirements to ensure compliance vaultastic livestore makes it easy


Rapid adoption of digital tools


Loss of visibility and control


Gain data agility to deliver on modern business needs with vaultastic livestore

Why choose Vaultastic for modernizing information archival management

  • Unstructured communication

    No structured communication across teams, leading to inefficient coordination, especially in cross-functional teams.

  • Difficult data governance

    Data locked in different platforms, including forms, emails, spreadsheets, and SaaS, makes data governance and management challenging.

  • Inefficient processes

    Reliance on email and team chats for intermittent processes leads to inefficiency and difficulty in tracking and managing tasks.

How the Vaultastic LiveStore works

3 easy steps to add live data management for your enterprise

Connect to the data stream for live archive

Establishing a connection to the live data stream.


On exceptions share with the response team

Sharing relevant details and context of exceptions with the response team to facilitate prompt action.

Collaborate to resolve the exception

Engaging with the response team to understand the nature and impact of the exception.

Collaborate to Resolve the Exception
Easily integrate with a wide range of business applications for live archival
Archive and classify information centrally from across apps
Easily share data for team collaboration
Share data automatically on defined triggers

Get the advantage to supervise processes and manage incidents

Make it easy to share data and collaborate over exceptions and initiatives

Scale and Cross team collaboration

Ideolve helps scale up your process flows by making it easier to share and act on information.

Faster decisions - Improve responsiveness for the team

Having all the information in one place helps teams collaborate for rapid decision making. This centralized information store also helps speed up the process without much oversight and follow-up.

Transparency and Involvement

Using Ideolve notes for sharing information provides everyone in the team to have a clear view and history events, with the possibility ot exchanging ideas and information eliminates the possibility of bias creeping in review meetings and decision making.

End-to-end central process documentation

The results and decisions get recorded in-flow rather than post-mortem, where the chance of missing any vital information is very high. The central record helps build accountability and an easy retrospective analysis for improvements.

Build a continuous improvement culture

The captured information and collaboration flow feeds into the product innovation and documentation updates to improve the customer experience and reduce incidents of failure.

Cost saving - Reduce the cost of sharing information

Since a smaller number of only the frontline teams need to be on a SaaS platform for managing the core business flow it results in a reduced subscription costs, while information can easily be shared with other teams to make managing the workflow even more effective.


Bring Cross functional teams together into a shared space…
Manage Multiple Initiatives with ease
Gain supervisory view and control of the business flow.
Easily locate data when you need
Build a responsive organisation
Improve customer service.

Data Advantage for Every Enterprise

Watch how Vaultastic delivers the data advantage for every enterprise

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Why the Vaultastic platform

Performance that Scales
Bulletproof Security
Multi-dimension Cost Optimization
Complete Data Lifecycle Management
Amazon WorkMail
Google Workspace
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Drive

Vaultastic: cross-platform, centralized, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and agility for business-critical data thus enabling an effective response to change

Vaultastic addresses core concerns across all stakeholder

Covering the full range of needs around risk and compliance management

Continuous monitoring and management of security threats to build cyber resilience

Continuous monitoring and management of security threats to build cyber resilience

Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and continuous security updates are a few of the key elements of our active security management practice.

Data Security, Privacy and Availability

In Vaultastic your data is secure, private and highly available.


Multi-layered security architecture

  • Compliance with industry regulatory guidelines
  • Independent VAPT audits
  • AWS FTR audit
  • GDPR-shared responsibility model
  • Continuous management and monitoring of security threats to build cyber resilience

High impact data management use cases across businesses

Small urban bank

From fragmented data to centralized, search-ready data with near 100% durability, availability and super-fast ediscovery.

Mid sized financial services firm

Manage subcription and storage costs of ex-employee data retention as mandated by regulations.

Mid sized health insurance

Build reputation, reduce risks with fast turn around on data requests for litigation.

Mid sized regional bank

Retain historical data to comply with regularity retention guidelines and stay audit-ready.

Mid sized bank

Reduce risks of compliance penalties with fast ediscovery and flexible extraction tools.

Legal services firm

Perform ediscovery across user accounts for faster and more flexible data access.



Very promising and visionary futuristic product

Overall this product is very much front line in terms of current compliance needs and competing with World leader peer solutions.

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– GM in the Healthcare Industry


Innovation And Solutioning At Its Best

Innovation and solutioning at its best: It has been a great experience working with Mithi. Specially in the servicing part there support is commendable. They are good at providing simple and innovative solutioning.

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Head – IT Application And Support in the Healthcare Industry


The Archival – peak to bottom

We needed to preserve email data of former employees, reduce the license cost and cost of ever growing mail data, while staying compliant as per regulatory requirements. Vaultastic helps us achieve the above objectives, effectively.

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– Head IT in the Finance Industry

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