Optimize costs on G Suite subscriptions – Maintain email data of former employees on inexpensive cloud stores like AWS S3

Why preserve the email data of former employees?

In a rapidly digitizing world, more than 80% of business-critical data is unstructured.

And email carries more than 70% of this valuable data.

-Data Source: IDC

Thus, preserving ALL email data is a vital part of an organization’s data management strategy.

This, in turn, supports regulatory compliance, and retention of valuable intellectual property.

Why conventional methods of managing email data of former employees are failing?

Organizations worldwide, are driving IT initiatives to preserve email data of former employees for extended periods. 

However, the traditional methods are limiting:

Commonly used Method 1:
Keeping legacy mailboxes in a disabled state on the primary mail solution such as G Suite can be an unnecessary cost.

Commonly used Method 2:
Downloading this email data to local storage devices is risky and unproductive in data discovery and retrieval scenarios.

“60% of companies that lose their data shut down within 6 months of the disaster” – Boston Computing. 

So, Is there a better, more cost-optimal way to preserve legacy email data?

For Infrequent access to legacy data:

Backup to a Cloud Storage

For infrequent access to your email data, we propose inexpensive cloud storage such as AWS S3.

Cloud storage is reliable, secure, elastic, and helps optimize costs with the Pay per use model.

Mithi’s online data migration tool, Legacyflo, now supports the migration of email data from G Suite to an AWS S3 bucket in your AWS account.

Legacyflo stores your email data in the PST or EML portable, open formats.

And, you can now retrieve this data using S3 browsing tools, as per your catalog naming conventions.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic – cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change

Why store on the cloud?

Centrally storing your data on the cloud:

  • Reduces data fragmentation.
  • It provides extremely high data durability.
  • Is Elastic, thus reducing storage upgrade and reconfiguration headaches
  • Enables a single point of control to manage, access, and retrieve data.  

How a central repository helps?

A central repository serves your organization’s regulatory and IP preservation objectives in a more secure, safe, and productive manner.

For Frequent access to email data of former employees:

For email data that needs frequent access, we propose the use of Mithi’s Vaultastic to simplify data management.

Vaultastic stores email data in an active, indexed, and search ready form for on-demand access and retrieval. 

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About Legacyflo:

Legacyflo is a cloud-based, scalable SaaS solution to help you migrate live and legacy email data from any mail platform. It supports the migration of email data from G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Zimbra, … TO any other mail platform, cloud storage such as AWS S3/Glacier or the Vaultastic archival platform for preservation, ediscovery, and governance.

About Vaultastic

Vaultastic’s groundbreaking information protection and data lifecycle management platform offers centralized archival & supervisory controls, quick discovery, and data activation for easing compliance management.

The key feature is its on-demand data management service, automatic storage management, atomized discovery, and activation, delivering cost savings of up to 60 percent over other methods.
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