Elastic Email Archival Software

Vaultastic’s Email Archive Software protects your critical corporate data centrally, securely and in a search-ready form.

The need for agile Email Archival Software

In a fast-growing digital world, email transmits a considerable share of sensitive and business-critical information and a lot of unstructured data.

Businesses must retain email data to comply with rules and local data protection laws.

Traditional preservation procedures fragment data and lack the flexibility and agility to meet different data management requirements. Besides are pricey to maintain and replace.

Earth web shows a typical corporate user sends and receives 160 emails daily.

This transaction volume equals 4 GB of data growth per year or 400GB for a 100-user organization. (As of 2022.)

The requirement to manage unstructured data is cited as a challenge by 95% of enterprises (Forbes).

Here are some of the reasons why you need Email Archival Software to improve your Data Retention Management practice:

  • Reduce data-related business risks
  • Maintain a state of readiness for legal and compliance
  • Control rising storage costs
  • Assure data privacy
  • Assure on-demand accessibility

Vaultastic’s cloud-based Email Archival Software delivers assurance against data loss and
data compromise

  • Deep, Rapid e-discovery tools provided by Vaultastic enable speedy and accurate responses to requests for compliance and legal evidence. These capabilities include boolean constructions on mail attributes, message content, date, and legal hold capabilities.
  • Vaultastic makes it simple to export ediscovery results or a whole vault into portable format files for easy recovery from accidental or intentional mail erasures or disasters.
  • Safe data storage: You can store immutable copies of your email data with Vaultastic, your email archive software, across several geographically separated AWS availability zones (data centers).
  • Integrated case management technologies simplify compliance workflows and significantly improve response time and quality, strengthening compliance postures.
  • A central repository backed by rich cloud services ease data management and a wide range of corporate applications. These include data protection, oversight, legal and compliance readiness, and more.

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The advantages of cloud email archival solutions over on-premises email archiving solutions

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic – cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change

Vaultastic’s Email Archival Software enables cost efficiency up to 60%

Optimize costs with pay-per-use and clear technical debt

Vaultastic optimizes your storage management costs using tiered storage, automation, pay-per-use, deduplication, and more. Additionally, a fully managed service frees you from the maintenance of specialized teams, on-premises software, and hardware, enabling you to pay off technical debt.

Boost productivity with centralised data access

Deep, rapid discovery, portable data extraction, automation, application programming interfaces (APIs), and self-service make it easy to find data from any era that matches keywords and other properties.

Forget data risks with Vaultastic

Because most cloud email providers prohibit bulk data transfers, Vaultastic, as an email archiver software with a customer-friendly data exit policy, eases these concerns for you. We even ship data on a physical medium to make it convenient for you.

Gain from rock solid resilience and always-on availability of data

With a commercially backed SLA and a disaster recovery facility that retains several redundant copies of your emails, Vaultastic delivers total peace of mind as regards your data’s safety.

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About Vaultastic

Vaultastic’s groundbreaking information protection and data lifecycle management platform offers centralized archival & supervisory controls, quick discovery, and data activation for easing compliance management.

The key feature is its on-demand data management service, automatic storage management, atomized discovery, and activation, delivering cost savings of up to 60 percent over other methods.
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