2020 to 2021 – From Managing Risks to Gaining Agility

2020, an extraordinary year

2020 was an unusual year that brought on some unforeseen rare challenges and situations, but, as a global community, we navigated quite well using technology and the Internet.

Unforeseen risks lead to the emergence of new solutions and new opportunities, all at an unprecedented pace.

And while technology helped us stay connected and conduct business during the lockdowns, we also learned how much we missed the outdoors and the personal interactions.

2020 highlighted the importance of Risk management

With remote work becoming a norm, the security of data, systems, and networks took center stage.

The focus was squarely on protecting the downside in this “new normal.” We observed an increase in the demand for Data Protection solutions, Network Security, Cloud Computing, and several other tools enabling secure remote work.

Covering new forms of risks gained importance.

It made us realize that Risk Protection is Foundational to business continuity in 2021

While new forms of risk, malware, attack vectors, and compromises ruled the roost during 2020, we now understand that we must tackle threats from the first principles.

Hence, instead of focussing on the various attack vectors that keep evolving and mutating, protecting our most valuable assets, our data, using fundamentals of security engineering (core) is critical to minimize the impact of breaches/attacks and build resilience:

  • What data are we protecting? Are we securing valuable legacy data? 
  • What are the critical and sensitive data assets that we must preserve? 
  • Is it easy to locate useful pieces of information assets and bring them to use? 
  • What data must we preserve, and what must we discard? 
  • Are the current security controls and technologies providing adequate protection for critical data? 

Questions such as these concerned us much in 2020. 

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic – cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change

Will 2021 be the year of Agility?

As the world opens up for business again with renewed hope in 2021, what must we concern ourselves with us now? 

We believe that once we have the foundations of Risk management covered, we could shift focus to leveraging our most valuable asset, data, to generate value for our business:

  • How can we increase the reuse of data to bring greater productivity to our work?
  • How can we mine for intelligence and reusable information assets?
  • How can we use legacy data to support employee role transition with ease?
  • How can we bring efficiencies and effectiveness into operations using on-demand discovery?
  • How can we build data catalogs and extract insights from accumulated data?

At Mithi, we work closely with customers to find newer and better ways to make useful data more accessible. It’s one fundamental way we think we can contribute to your business’s agility, something that we believe will be necessary as we engage with new opportunities and challenges moving ahead. 

I wish you a great year ahead. Feel free to talk to us; we’ll be happy to be of help in gaining greater agility. 

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