Retrieving data in bulk from Vaultastic using an AWS S3 bucket

Retrieving data in bulk from Vaultastic


Vaultastic is a cloud platform to archive email and retain it there for the chosen period.

While it is very easily possible for an end user or the Administrator to export data from the Vaultastic Archive accounts, sometimes we get queries and requests to retrieve data of multiple or all users in bulk.

A challenge if done via the Interface, one user at a time, and downloaded over the available last mile connectivity.

To improve response on such queries, Mithi announces the launch of a paid service to retrieve data in bulk from Vaultastic via a shared S3 bucket in the customer’s AWS account.

When will such a service be of use typically?

1. We’ve had some customers request for an annual dump of all the data from Vaultastic, for them to store locally. While this may seem redundant and expensive in the face of Vaultastic providing a highly reliable store with unlimited storage on the cloud, it may have its uses depending on the organisational policies.

2. To serve a compliance request for multiple users with large archive mailboxes. Typically, this requires administrators to download PST files for all users in question and deliver them to the compliance authorities.

3. If the customer decides to stop archiving to Vaultastic for any reason. In this case, the customer would need to retrieve all users data from Vaultastic to move into an alternate store.

How will this work?

It’s a simple process which will flow as follows:

Steps to export data from Vaultastic to the AWS S3 bucket

Is there an optimal size of data, where this option is recommended?

Not really. You may raise a request for retrieving email data of any size from the archive. However, since Vaultastic provides a self service portal to download data on your own, it may not be feasible to use this bulk retrieval method for small data sizes.

We suggest you use this if you need to export information of more than 10-20 users. Since accessing each account and initiating a download will take a long time if you exceed 10-20 users.

In addition, as a rule of thumb, if it takes more than one week to download your data from your AWS account using the spare capacity of your existing Internet connection, then you should consider using Snowball.

We recommend using this option when the size of the downloadable data exceeds 1 TB. For example, it will take more than 100 days to transfer 100 TB of data over a 100 Mb connection.

You can make the same transfer by using multiple Snowballs in about a week.

What is the price?

The new Vaultastic service is charged at a fixed rate per GB to be copied to your S3 bucket via this method. The cost of aws S3 use in your account is mentioned here and the cost of the AWS Snowball is mentioned here.

What will be the format of the data, which will be delivered on your AWS S3 bucket?

Vaultastic data for your requested set of users will be exported in PST or EML files (as per your choice). These files are copied onto the AWS S3 bucket you shared into our account.

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