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Which Is The Right Email Archiving Strategy For Me:
SaaS On Cloud, Dedicated Cloud, On Premise Server?

Friday, May 19, 2017 | 3.00 PM- 4:00 PM IST (including 15 min Q&A)

Guest Speakers
Ms. Kanchan Pant
Sharada Industries
Sharada Industries is a mid sized manufacturing company, spread across multiple locations, having 30+ years of experience in sheet metal pressing, fabrication and assembly and has developed expertise in 6 major automotive segments viz. Suspension system assemblies, Frame and Chassis assemblies, Functional Assemblies, Special Vehicle Customization and Floor Assemblies for Passenger Vehicles and Trucks. Some of their customers are Tata Motors, Bharat Forge, BEL, AUTO Line and more.
Mr. Anand Iyer
Principal Solutions Architect
Amazon Internet Services Pvt. ltd.
Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL) offers AWS' reliable and scalable cloud computing services in India.

Our Speaker
Mr. Sunil Uttam
Mithi Software Technologies
Vaultastic helps enterprises securely backup and archive their email data on the AWS Cloud. No Tapes, No Infrastructure, No manpower.

To secure data is Azure better or Vaultastic?

  • To clarify, Vaultastic is an archiving application while Azure is an infrastructure or application delivery platform. Azure by itself cannot archive email. For example, the Vaultastic application, is hosted on the AWS platform and uses the AWS services to deliver the functionality required to archive email
  • How does mail get archived?
    Vaultastic archives mails before they are delivered to the inbox, guaranteeing all the mails exchanged (sent and received) are always archived. For more details on how Vaultastic works, please refer this video.
  • Is Vaultastic provided only as a cloud base solution? Or you give On-premise solution also?

    Vaultastic is a shared cloud based service (SaaS) and is the most cost effective for enterprises,who don't have to deploy and manage infrastructure. They simply consume the services.

    For very large and special requirements (such as data residency), we could deploy a captive Vaultastic setup on the AWS cloud, which is private and dedicated to the customer.

    We do not support deploying Vaultastic on an in premise infrastructure (bare metal or virtual).

  • Is it be possible to migrate existing mail or data onto Vaultastic? Will there be any extra charge?
    The DURABILITY plan of Vaultastic, offers unlimited storage, forever retention and allows migration of historical mail data onto Vaultastic. Depending on the size of the data, there may be a one time service effort to move the data from your premises to the Vaultastic cloud. For more information on pricing and plans, Click here
  • How is the deletion of any data from any user captured and retrieved? How to protect copy rights and product patents from being stolen from email?
    Vaultastic stores a PHYSICALLY separate copy of the mail in a tamper proof READ ONLY cloud vault. This means that even if the user deletes the mail from the primary mail account, that mail will still be available on Vaultastic. Preventing data theft via email is more a function of a DLP (Data leak prevention) system and less of an archival or backup system. An archival system could be used to analyze all the mail which were sent and figure out patterns of data carried in those to identify theft (however this is post mortem)
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