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  • Wednesday, May 31 2017
    From 3PM to 4PM IST

Why do you need Archival when O365 plans offer 100 GB mailbox size

When mailboxes become excessively large, mail application performance is compromised. So administrators set quotas and users are forced to manage their mailbox sizes by either deleting messages by age/size or moving into a PST file. But then, the Mandatory requirement to retain a copy of all mails even if they are deleted from the users mailbox for compliance and litigation purpose, runs counter to that.

To manage this conflicting requirement Vaultastic - email archival solution hosted on AWS cloud can be use to maintain a copy of all incoming and outgoing mails at a physically different location in read-only format. Ensuring that there is no compromise between ensuring performance and providing for the regulatory and business continuity needs..

Unlimited storage, durability guarantee of 99. 99…(11 times), easy DIY user interface to search for and retrieve or restore specific mail make it an ideal companion to all popular mail services like GSuite, O365, Zimbra, IBM Verse etc.