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How to setup email archiving for zimbra

Interested in archiving Zimbra mails on Vaultastic?

How to Setup Email Archiving for Zimbra

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Setup the email archival setting for Zimbra users

1. Provision your domain and users on Vaultastic
Create your domain on Vaultastic. You can provision all/ required users on Vaultastic. By default, users provisioned on Vaultastic are not allowed to access their account. As an admin of the Vautastic domain, you can allow them to access their account.

2. Add DNS entry of Vaultastic
Add DNS entry of the Vaultastic server to establish connection between Zimbra and the Vaultastic server.

3. Enable archiving for users on Zimbra domain
To archive mail from your primary email domain hosted on Zimbra, you need to enable the archive and specify archive address in config file. Make the entry for each user on your Zimbra domain for whom archiving needs to be enabled.

Step 1: Create a Vaultastic domain

1. Visit Vaultastic.com and choose your plan.
2. Sign up for the free trial.
3. On successful Vaultastic domain creation, you will receive an email with the login details on the email id given during the domain creation.

Step 2: Add DNS Entry of Vaultastic

1. Verify if Zimbra server connects successfully to Vaultastic on port 25.

To confirm the connectivity, use the Telnet command as mentioned below.

telnet <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com 25 

* On successful connection to the Vaultastic server, you will receive message as shown below

Connected to <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 archive ESMTP Postfix-SkyConnectVaultasticConnector

* If you could not connect to Vaultastic server successfully, an error message will be displayed on the screen as shown below

<domainprefix>.vaultastic.com: Unknown host

Possible causes are

I. The DNS Lookups option is disabled. The DNS Lookups option is displayed under the MTA tab of the admin console, or with zmprov.

II DNS service is missing on Zimbra server

In above cases, Zimbra uses /etc/hosts, based on the entries on the "hosts" line in /etc/nsswitch.conf file

To resolve this add DNS entry for Vaultastic in the /etc/hosts file.
Open the /etc/hosts file and enter the IP address of Vaultastic server as mentioned below
<ip of vaultastic server>    <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com

  • To find out the IP address of Vaultastic server,
- Go to the site http://mxtoolbox.com/DNSLookup.aspx
- Type domain name in the DNS Lookup box.

Step 3: Enable archiving for users of your domain hosted on Zimbra

You can archive all email messages transacted by all/selected users on your Zimbra domain by adding archive details of those users in config file.

1. Log on as zimbra on the Zimbra server.
2. For each user, execute the command mentioned below

zmarchiveconfig enable <[email protected]> archive-address [email protected]<domainprefix>.vaultastic.com archive-create false