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How to setup email archiving for skyconnect or connectxf

Setup email archiving for Mithi SkyConnect or Connectxf

Vaultastic is an easy to use email archival solution for your business. Configure your primary domain to enable the email archival setting for all/required users. On configuration, email messages sent/received by those users are archived on the Vaultastic server.

As an admin of the Vautastic server, you can provision users on the Vaultastic server and allow them to access their account.

Steps to setup email archiving for SkyConnect or ConnectXf users

1. Go to the management interface of the primary domain
Navigate to the Application Manager using valid credentials to manage the primary domain.

2. From the Application View,

  • Expand the User Archive options.
  • Click the Domain option from the list.
  • Choose True to enable the user archive for all the users of the selected domain.

Enable Archive 1.png

3. From the Application View,
i. Click the User option listed under User Archive.
ii. Select the required user from the list users of the domain.
iii. Select Yes to Enable the user archive property for the user.
iv. Mention user’s vaultastic id on which you want to receive all the archival email messages

Note: User name of the primary email id and vaultastic id MUST be same.

For example:
If primary email id of the user is
[email protected]
Then vaultastic id of that user MUST be
[email protected]<domain name>.vaultastic.com

v. Choose to decide which Type of mail to archive viz Local, Remote or All

vi. Repeat the steps to enable email archival for all the required users on the primary domain.
vi. Save the changes.

Enable Archive 2.png