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How to setup email archiving for mdaemon

Interested in archiving MDaemon mails on Vaultastic?

Setup email archiving for MDaemon

Step 1: Create a Vaultastic domain

1. Visit Vaultastic.com and choose your plan.
2. Sign up for the free trial.

3. On successful Vaultastic domain creation, you will receive an email with the login details on the email id given during the domain creation.

Step 2: Setup Mail Routing

The mxcache.dat file is located in \MDaemon\app. Open the file with Notepad to edit it. Keep a copy as a backup.

The commented text in the mxcache.dat file has instructions and samples:

# Use this file is you want to cache MX hosts for certain domains. 
# Keep in mind that all the entries in this file are stored in RAM 
# at all times for performance reasons.  As a result if you edit 
# this file you must either restart MDaemon or create a semaphore 
# file called MXCACHE.SEM in the \App\ directory so MDaemon will 
# reload any changes. 
# Lines beginning with # are comments.  Create entries of the form: 
# Domain Name Precedence Host [{IP Address}] [AUTH Logon] [AUTH Password]. 

in.vaultastic.com 10 <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com 

Step 3: Enable Journaling for all users of your Organization

1. In MDaemon Console, Select Setup -> Default Domain & Servers
2. Select "Archiving" in the navigation pane on the left
3. To setup archiving for every inbound and outbound message, check "Send copies of all inbound and outbound mail to these addresses".
4. Below, specify the email address "[email protected]<domainprefix>.vaultastic.com"
5. Click OK to save your changes