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How to setup email archiving for lotus domino

Interested in archiving Lotus Domino mails on Vaultastic?

Setup email archiving for Lotus Domino

Step 1: Create a Vaultastic domain

1. Visit Vaultastic.com and choose your plan.
2. Sign up for the free trial.

3. On successful Vaultastic domain creation, you will receive an email with the login details on the email id given during the domain creation.

Step 2: Enable Journaling for all users of your Organization

1. Start Domino Administrator

2. Go to Configuration -> Messaging -> Domains
3. Click Add Domain
4. in Basic choose Domain type - Foreign Domain
5. Foreign Domain Name - <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com
6. Click Mail Information
7. Type IP address of the in.vaultastic.com Server in Gateway Server Name.
8. Choose Configuration -> Router/SMTP -> Advanced
9. Set Journaling to enabled
10. Change the contents of Method under the Basics section to Send to mail-in database.
11. Enter the Mail Destination to [email protected]<domainprefix>.vaultastic.com
12. The change takes effect after the next Router configuration update. To put the new setting into effect immediately, reload the routing configuration.