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How to setup email archiving for exchange 2013

Interested in archiving Microsoft Exchange mails on Vaultastic?

Setup email archiving for Exchange 2013

Step 1: Create a Vaultastic domain

1. Visit Vaultastic.com and choose your plan.
2. Sign up for the free trial.

3. On successful Vaultastic domain creation, you will receive an email with the login details on the email id given during the domain creation.

Step 2: Create the Send Connector

1. Select Mail Flow > Send Connectors
2. Click + to add a new send connector
3. Enter Vaultastic in the Name field.
4. Select Custom as the Type option
5. Click Next
6. Under Network settings, select Route mail to smart host
7. Click + to add a new smart host
8. Enter the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of the Vaultastic server in the format <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com . Click Save
9. The new host will be listed under Smart Host in the New Send Connector Window. Click Next
10. For the Smart host authentication select None option. Click Next.
11. Click + to add a new address space. Enter the FQDN as o365.vaultastic.com server. Click Next.
12. Click + to select. In the pop-up dialog select the source Exchange server, then click Add. Click OK.
13. Click Finish.

Step 3: Adjust Maximum Message Size

1. Open the Exchange Management Shell
2. Enter the following command to the set maximum send message size:

Set-SendConnector "Vaultastic Connector" -MaxMessageSize "45 MB" 

3. Enter the following command to verify the maximum send message size is 45 MB:

Get-SendConnector "Vaultastic Connector" |fl MaxMessageSize 

Step 4: Disable Non Delivery Reports (optional)

1. Open the Exchange Management Shell.
2. Enter the following command to disable NDRs

Set-RemoteDomain <domainprefix>.vaultastic.com -NDREnabled $false  

Step 5: Enable Journaling for all users of your Organization

1. Navigate to https://[exchange ipaddress]/ecp and logon to the Exchange Control Panel
2. From the Exchange Admin Center
3. Click compliance management in left menu
4. Click journal rules in top right menu
5. Click the + icon
6. In the name field , enter journal
7. In the field If the message is sent to or received from..., select Apply to all messages.
8. In the field journal the following messages.., select All messages
9. In the Send journal reports to field, enter [email protected]<domainprefix>.vaultatic.com
10. Click Save to update the changes
11. On message window Do you want this rule to apply to all future messages, click Yes.