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How to log in to the Vaultastic portal as postmaster (super admin)

Table of Contents

Log in to Vaultastic as Postmaster user

As an admin, you can manage your Vaultastic domain using the Admin Panel. The intuitive interface allows you to manage users, secure your domain, restore mailbox, search across domains easily and so on.

Steps to log in to the Vaultastic account

1. Access the URL https://<Domain-name>.vaultastic.com from your favorite browser.

- Log in to the Vaultastic account using valid credentials.
* User ID : The User id you use to log in to your primary email account
* Password : The Vaultastic account password
* Domain Name : <Domain name>.vaultastic.com
For example:

If your primary domain is baya.in then,
Vaultastic domain will be baya-in.vaultastic.com
URL to access the Vaultastic portal will be https://baya-in.vaultastic.com


After successful provisioning of your domain on Vaultastic, you will receive a welcome mail from our support team to the id which was mentioned at the time of domain registration. This mail includes all the details viz. URL to access the admin portal, user id and the system generated password of your account.

  • If you are logging on to the portal for the first time, use the credentials mentioned in the mail sent by the Vaultastic support team.

Logon to vaultastic admin portal as postmaster.png

On successful log in, the Vaultastic admin portal displays on the screen which allows you to manage your domain.
The three pane intuitive interface gives you the domain list, the users provisioned on the domain and their settings.
By default Vaultastic adds users to the domain automatically. If required you can disable the automatic provisioning feature to add users manually.

Admin panel shown to postmaster.png

Using the Vaultastic Admin Portal

Using the admin portal, you can
1. Provision and manage users manually
2. Secure your domain
3. Enable E Discovery for users
4. Control access to E Discovery data
5. Search across the domain using the eDiscovery interface
6. Upload historical data Upload PSTs / Upload using IMAP
7. Manage reports