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How to customize vaultastic domain

Table of Contents

Customize Vaultastic domain

Customize your domain with links, captcha status and so on using Admin Panel.


To customize the domain properties,

  • Navigate to the Admin Panel > Domain name > Customization

Domain Configuration

  • You are allowed to customize the properties mentioned in the below table.
  • To customize the logo please contact [email protected].
  • Certain properties of the domain however cannot be customized as you are hosted on a shared service.

Refer the Vaultastic Service Level Agreement.

Application Steps License Properties
Admin Panel Admin Panel > Domain name > Customization
  • Enable or disable the Captcha on login page.
  • Decide to show Privacy Statement.
  • Decide to show Terms Of Service.
  • Set the Copyright Year.
  • Set Website Of The Organization
  • Set the Link For Terms Of Service Page