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How to access your email archiving account on vaultastic

Table of Contents

Access your email archiving account on Vaultastic

As a user of the Vaultastic domain, you can discover or recover any specific mail which you have lost from your primary account, and restore your mail into your live mailbox.

Note: By default, users provisioned on the Vaultastic domain are not allowed to access their account for security purpose. You can contact the admin of your Vaultastic domain to enable the access.

Logon to the Vaultastic Account

Steps to logon to your Vaultastic account

Before you log in to your Vaultastic account, contact admin to ensure your account is enabled and have access to the Vaultastic account.

1. Access the URL https://<Domain-name>.vaultastic.com from your favorite browser.

- Logon to your vaultastic account using valid credentials
  • User ID

User id you use to logon to your primary email account

  • Password

Vaultastic account password

  • Domain Name

<Domain name>.vaultastic.com

For example: If your primary email id is [email protected] then

  • User ID to logon to vaultastic domain: john.smith
  • Domain Name: abc-com.vaultastic.com

Logging in for the first time?
Have forgotten your Vaultastic account password?
If you do not know the password or have forgotten the password, use the Forgot pass app to reset the password of your vaultastic account.

Logon to vaultastic as a user.png

Vaultastic application interface displays on the screen.
You can access the Inbox and Sent Items folder from the interface.

Archive app shown to user.png

Navigate to the Admin Panel

If you have signed in using the postmaster account, the Admin Panel will be displayed. In you have logged in using another user with an admin role, you have to navigate to the Admin Panel from the user panel.

From the user panel, click the admin panel link.

Admin panel link on user panel.png

Admin panel interface displays on the screen.

Refer the Admin guide to perform various tasks allowed to you as an admin.

Admin panel shown to admin user.png

Using Vaultastic Self Service Portal

The Vaultastic account stores a copy of all the email messages sent / received to your primary email account.

Vaultastic app allows you to,
1. Browse folders
2. Discover a particular mail
3. Download or Print a particular mail
4. Reply to or Forward a particular mail
5. Export to restore mail to primary email account

Browse Folders

The Vaultastic account stores a copy of all the email messages received to your primary email account in the Inbox folder and all the messages sent from the primary account in the Sent Items folder.

Please note all the email messages sent to self id will be archived and visible in the Sent Items folder of the Vaultastic account.

Discover a particular mail

Quick or Advanced Search

Use the Quick or the Advanced search to locate a particular mail from the Inbox/ Sent Items folder of your vaultastic account.
You can use Quick search to locate the mail quickly using pre-defined criteria or use Advance search to provide detail search criteria and locate mail from huge mailbox.

  • Provide the search criteria and click the Search icon to locate the mail.

Search particular mail.png

EDiscovery Search

Launch the EDiscovery portal to seek a required mail across the Vaultastic accounts.
Refer the topic to know how to search using E Discovery portal.

Please note access to the EDiscovery portal depends on the Vaultastic plan assigned to you. You can contact the admin if the EDiscovery portal is not accessible to you.

Download or Print a particular mail

You can Download a copy of a particular mail from your Vaultastic account.
Application also allows you to Print the required mail if required.

  • Open the mail to view the details and Print or download a copy of the mail.

Print or download mail.png

Reply to or Forward a particular mail

Vaultastic application allows you to give reply to a particular mail or forward a particular mail to the required id.

Hover the mouse over a particular mail which displays quick action items.
Or Open to view a mail from the list.
Choose the required action to be performed like Reply, Reply All, Forward, or Forward as an attachment.

Reply or forward a mail.png

Export to restore mail to the live email account

Vaultastic app allows you to export mail to an .EML format which you can import to your primary mail account. If you delete mail from your primary account accidentally you can recover using export utility of the Vaultastic app.

Refer the topic Export to restore mail from Vaultastic for step-by-step guide.

Reset Forgotten Password of your account

To reset the password of your Vaultastic account,
i. Click the Forgot Password link
ii. Provide your vaultastic id of which password needs to reset.

Reset password provide email id.png

iii. Enter captcha text shown to prove that you are not a robot and proceed.

iv. Forgot Pass app generates a Verification code and sends to your primary email account

If you are a Postmaster user, you will receive the verification code on the email id mentioned during domain registration.

Enter captcha text.png

iv. Access your primary email account and copy the verification code you have received.

Copy verification code from email account.png

v. Provide the verification code and captcha string to proceed.
vi. Reset the Password of your Vaultastic account.

Enter verification code.png

Restore live mailbox

Refer the link to topic How to restore live mailbox