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Vaultastic Help Center

Vaultastic is the easiest-most secure email archiving solution on the cloud. Vaultastic helps your business with backup, eDiscovery, Compliance and Business Continuity needs. End users can discover or recover any specific mail which they may have lost from their primary account, or restore their entire mailbox. Discover additional email archiving benefits of Vaultastic.

Enterprises can rest assured that no end user or admin can accidentally or deliberately delete any mail from the archive store. The Vaultastic email vault is a read-only encrypted store and is available only to authenticated and authorized users only via Vaultastic.

Once your Vaultastic account is setup and your Vaultastic domain is provisioned (you will receive a mail with the login details on your registered email id), ONLY 3 more steps remain to start using Vaultastic

Step 1

Configure your mail server to forward a copy of your mail to Vaultastic

Step 2

Login to the postmaster account and view the archived mail in the eDiscovery interface, and view the list of users automatically created.

Step 3

Use the self service portal.
The vaultastic account for users for whom mails were archived will be automatically created in the Vaultastic domain.
Login to any of these accounts to check the self service portal interface.

Automatic User Provisioning

By default, Vaultastic domains are configured for automatic user creation.

Manual User Provisioning

You can disable the auto user provisioning and provision users manually from the Admin Panel.

Assigning Administrative Roles

By default, a system user named postmaster is created in every Vaultastic domain. This user has full admin rights. You can also assign admin rights to other users.

Choosing the Plan

Every user in a Vaultastic domain has a plan which determines the email retention period and the availability of data in the ediscovery module. In addition, administrators can control the access to ediscovery data from the self service portal.

Enabling eDiscovery

You can enable eDiscovery by choosing plans for users and configure settings to control the access to the eDiscovery data

Uploading Historical Data

Upload historical data to your Vaultastic domain.

Securing your Vaultastic domain

Configure security settings for Vaultastic domain


Configure security settings for Vaultastic Users

Using Vaultastic Reports

Understand Vaultastic reports viz Usage Summary, Active Users, Automatic Users Creation, Storage Usage, and Missing Users report.

Accessing your Vaultastic portal

Access your Vaultastic account to search for a specific email and download or print it.


Using eDiscovery

EDiscovery refers to the process of seeking, locating and searching email data on Vaultastic.
You can search for required email from your archive account or across all the accounts you have access to.

Restoring Mailbox

Access your Vaultastic account to restore your mailbox by exporting it to the .EML or .PST format file.