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CSV File format to be followed to import multiple users

Table of Contents

Importing users from CSV file

You can provision users in bulk by importing a CSV file. A CSV file must contain default properties viz username, password, and plan which are required to create a user. You can also include all the other properties of the user in the CSV.

This is an example CSV file which assumes,

Primary Domain baya.in
Vaultastic Domain baya-in.vaultastic.com
User on primary domain [email protected]
Field Name Recommendation Example
CSV using Office Software CSV using Notepad

[View Sample CSV File]


(Required to create a user or update user property)

  • A CSV file MUST contain username
  • username of the Vaultastic id MUST be same as username of the primary email id
For example:

If primary email id is [email protected] then,
username of the Vaultastic id must be amit.patil

  • username should not contain space or special character except "." ,"-", "_"
  • Do not append the user name with domain name
  • username is used to create userid for the user. userid is created automatically in the format [email protected]e




(Required to create a user)

  • password should be at least 8 characters long
  • password should contain one alphabet, one numeral and one special character
  • Blank password in the CSV file will be replaced with the default password

[email protected]

"[email protected]"


(Required to create a user or update user property)

continuity / tracer / durability / hold continuity
  • First name of the user
  • First name is concatenated with Last name to form the Display name of the user. It is displayed in the From field when user sends an email.



  • Last name of the user
Patil "Patil"
  • Specify the primary email address of the user. This will be used by the system to filter incoming mail and also send automatic alerts.

    For example, the Forgot password application uses this id to send a one time password or OTP.

[email protected] "[email protected]"
  • Specify the primary email address of the user. This will be used when user replies to or forwards a mail from the Vaultastic account.
[email protected] "[email protected]"
  • Specify the account status of the user Enable or disable.
  • A user whose account status is enabled can freely access the Vaultastic account.
  • A user whose account status is disabled will not be able to access the Vaultastic account.

Though the account status of a user is disabled, and if the archival is enabled for the user, mail will be archived to his/her Vaultastic account.

disabled "disabled"

Creating CSV manually

Make sure you are following the tips mentioned below while creating an CSV file manually.

  • Each record is one line
  • Fields are separated with commas
  • Leading and trailing white-space is removed
  • Fields are delimited with double-quotes in order to preserve white-space
  • Fields containing comma is delimited with double-quotes
  • If a field contains double-quote character, double-quote characters are doubled, and the field is delimited with double-quotes
  • If field contains line-break, is surrounded by double-quotes

Creating CSV using Office software

You can use an Office software like Libre Office, or Open Office, or Microsoft Excel to create an CSV file. You may face issues if you create a file using one software and open it using other.

Make sure the values entered in the file are valid as per table mentioned above.