Does Vaultastic adhere to the relevant Data Privacy acts of the governments?

Vaultastic follows a shared responsibility model when it comes to data privacy and protection. The platform ensures compliance with relevant Data Privacy acts, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regional or national data privacy laws. As a cloud-based solution, Vaultastic focuses on securely storing and processing data according to the specified requirements. The responsibility for choosing what data to collect, store, and delete lies with the organization using Vaultastic. This approach aligns with the shared responsibility model, where Vaultastic provides the infrastructure and security measures while customers retain control over their data and compliance obligations. For EU customers, Vaultastic applies the shared responsibility model to help them comply with GDPR. This framework, which has similar constructs to the Personal Data Protection Bill of 2019 and other relevant acts/bills, ensures that customers can trust Vaultastic to handle their data with utmost privacy and security while maintaining compliance with applicable data privacy regulations.

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