Email Archiving Solutions: Plans, Pricing & Capabilities

We understand that all users in an organisation don't have the same needs. With Vaultastic's flexible pricing model, you can mix your preferred plans in one purchase, and apply the appropriate plan per user.

Archiving for live mail

1 Year Retention
No Historical Mail Upload
Ideal for users who need to backup email, search and recover instantly.
Archiving for live mail

7 Year Retention
No Historical Mail Upload
Ideal for users whose email use falls under regulation compliance
Archiving for live mail

Forever Retention
Ideal for users, whose email data is critical and timeless
No archiving for live mail
storage added to the cumulative quota
Forever Retention
Ideal for users who need to retain email data of inactive users for life
Mixing plans allows you to optimize costs and pay only for what you need and consume. E.g. you can select Continuity for 20 users who need only an email backup, select Tracer for 10 users who come under regulation compliance and Durability for 5 critical users and apply the Hold plan for all inactive users.
Minimum Cover to ensure there is no disruption
Minimum Cover to ensure that the Knowledge and Information accumulated is not lost
To ensure that the data is preserved for the lifetime of a company
Save mail for users who are no longer active
Per user per year
No. of mail Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Life time of Mail (retention) 1 year 7 years Forever Forever
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB storage added to the cumulative quota of all Hold users.
Archiving for Live mail
99.99999999999% data durability
AWS Cloud (by region)
99.9% uptime
24/7 Maintenance and Monitoring
Primary Email Platform
G Suite (Gapps)
Office 365
MS Exchange (Hosted and In-premise)
Mithi SkyConnect
Mithi Connect Xf
Others (supporting a form of mail journaling)
Mail filtering for archiving live mail
Auto filter to sent items
Duplicate mail control
Historical Data Upload
Data in EML
Data in PST
Data in IMAP
Bulk user provisioning
End user access
Self service portal
POP client
IMAP client
Self service portal
Search and sort
View mail
View attachment
View header
Reply/Reply all/Forwarding
Export to eml
Export to pst
Control Access
Manage user attributes
Encrypted Storage
SSL for transfer and access
Role based administration
Control over user deletion
No accidental or malicious deletion of mail
Password policies on portal
Automatic account lockout on portal
Company logo
Privacy statement
Copy right statement
Custom links
Login screen captcha
Helpdesk 24/7 Email and Phone 24/7 Email and Phone 24/7 Email and Phone 24/7 Email and Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. What happens to the data after the subscription period is over?

    If you renew your subscription, then the data will be maintained as per the plan and associated lifetime. If you do not renew your subscription, then all mail for your domains will be automatically deleted within a week from the end of the subscription.

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  • 2. What happens when I have setup archiving for all the licensed number of users?

    As you are approaching the maximum allowed count of users (as per your purchase), the system will send you alerts prompting you to take action. If you use up the licensed count of users, the system will not allow you to provision more users. The choices you have are to:
    1. To purchase additional user licenses in your subscription
    2. Delete some accounts.

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  • 3. Which plan is appropriate for me?

    If you want to use the Vaultastic archive to reduce the load on IT and increase the efficiency of users to search for historic data, then the CONTINUITY plan should suffice.

    If you work in an industry when email archiving is a legal compliance or there are many cases of litigation, then the TRACER plan may be more appropriate.

    The DURABILITY plan is the most appropriate when you want to store historical data with Vaultastic and retain mails forever.

    The HOLD plan is suitable if you need to save mail for users who are no longer active.

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  • 4. How can I upgrade my subscription Plan?

    Currently, you would need to raise a request to [email protected] and our helpful team will make necessary changes and update your billing information as well.

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  • 5. Can I get access to my archive mail data, if I decide to cancel the service?

    Yes. Before canceling the service, you can access each user’s archive account on Vaultastic and export the archived mail to a PST or a ZIP of EML files.

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  • 6. How do I maintain my license?

    Depending on the requirements of your organization, you have two choices.
    1. To increase the number of users in your subscription
    2. Delete some account.

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  • 7. What is the license model for Vaultastic?

    The Vaultastic license is a per user license.

    If a user leaves and you want to retain his/her mail, you can take advantage of the new HOLD plan which allows forever retention of the mail, with a storage of 2GB. Extra storage can be added on.

    A new user should have a new account on Vaultastic so that he does not get access to the mail of the user who has left from the self service portal.

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  • 8. What is price for downloading data from Vaultastic in Bulk?

    While you can export data in PST/EML files from your own Vaultastic console at no extra cost, you may still want to opt for this method, where you can extract the archived email data of chosen or all users in the PST format via an S3 bucket in your AWS account. This option is typically chosen when you want to extract a larger volume of data.

    This is a paid service from Mithi, and we charge INR 300 (USD 5) per GB with an minimum order quantity of 25GB
    E.g. If you want to extract data 200 GB of data from Vaultastic, the cost would be INR 60,000 (USD 1000)

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  • 9. What is the price for uploading historical email data to Vaultastic?

    You can upload historical email data, which are stored in EML/PST/OST files on your end points for lifetime preservation on Vaultastic. This is currently a paid service offered by Mithi and we charge INR 150 (USD 3) per GB, with a minimum order quantity of 25GB.

    1. If you want to upload 100 GB worth of PST files of your users onto Vaultastic, the cost will be INR 15,000/- (USD 300/-)
    2. If you want to upload 20 GB worth of PST files, the cost will be INR 3750 (USD 75) - due to the MOQ of 25GB

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  • 10. What are the options for billing frequency?

    You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually for the service.

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