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Restoring Mailbox

As an an admin /user of the Vaultastic domain, you can export mail from your Vaultastic account and restore into your live mailbox.

  1. Log in to the Vaultastic Self Service Portal

  2. Click the Export icon to export the Inbox folder.

    • To export the Sent Items folder, navigate to the Sent Items folder and then click the Export icon to generate the .EML or .PST file.

    • To export specific mail messages, execute a search query and export the result of the query to generate .eml or .PST file.

    • If the size of your Inbox/Sent Items folder is huge, application exports multiple files.

  3. Choose the .EML or .PST format to which you need to export the file.

    You can import this .EML or .PST file to the desktop client you are using.

    You will receive the exported file to the Primary email-id set for your account.