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Set Recipient for NDR

If you are configuring journal rules for the first time, you need to specify the alternate Journaling recipient for undeliverable journal reports. If a journal report can’t be delivered to the Journaling mailbox specified in a Journal rule, it is queued in Exchange Online for some time.

It is recommended to use a dedicated user on your Office 365 domain to receive all the non-delivery reports (NDR). As mail sent or received by this user will not be archived on the Vaultastic server.

  1. Log in to the Office 365 domain Admin center.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Exchange Admin > compliance management > journal rules

  3. Click Select address to specify NDR email recipient on Office 365 domain.

    – You can change this id later if required.

    – It is recommended to dedicate a separate email id to receive all the undeliverable journal reports.

  4. Browse and select the id from the list.

  5. Click OK to acknowledge the warning displayed on the screen.