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Lotus Domino

1. Enable Journaling for all users of your Organization

  1. Start Domino Administrator

  2. Go to Configuration -> Messaging -> Domains

  3. Click Add Domain

  4. In Basic,

    • choose Domain type – Foreign Domain

    • Foreign Domain Name – {domainprefix}.vaultastic.com

  5. Click Mail Information

  6. Type IP address of the in.vaultastic.com Server in Gateway Server Name.

  7. Choose Configuration -> Router/SMTP -> Advanced

  8. Enable the Journaling

  9. Change the contents of Method under the Basics section to Send to mail-in database.

  10. Enter the Mail Destination as [email protected]{domainprefix}.vaultastic.com

  11. The change takes effect after the next Router configuration update.

    To put the new setting into effect immediately, reload the routing configuration.