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Upload historical data using IMAP to Vaultastic

Send request to the Vaultastic Team

  • To upload your historical data using IMAP on Vaultastic, send an email to [email protected]

  • Please attach CSV files as per format mentioned below

    – First row of the CSV file should contain field names


    – Each row should contain valid data with comma as a separator

  • For Example:

    – You want to upload historical data from your primary domain baya.in to its corresponding Vaultastic domain baya-in.vaultastic.com

    – The primary email id of user John is [email protected] and password associated is [email protected]

    – Vaultastic id assigned to John is [email protected] and password associated is [email protected]

    – CSV file should be:

    [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],INBOX

    Note: While creating a CSV please enter INBOX (In Capital letters) as the source folder for all users.

View uploaded data

You can view the imported data as it is uploaded to Vaultastic account.

On completion of the import job, you will receive a job completion and confirmation email message from the Vaultastic team to your registered email id.

The Imported data will be shown in the History folder of the Vaultastic account.