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  5. Import data from the PST files to Vaultastic

Import data from the PST files to Vaultastic

  1. Enter the URL http://orch.mithi.com:8080/login in the browser address bar to navigate to Mithi’s Historical Data Upload portal
  2. Enter the user id and password shared via the email & click the log in button.

    For the credentials, please refer the email sent by the Vaultastic team in reply to your request for historical data upload.

  3. Select the job PSTIMport{domain-name}

  4. On the left pane, click the Build with Parameters link.

  5. Enter the following information in the form

    Field Name Description Sample Value
    pstname PST file name. john_smith.pst
    s3folderpath Folder on the S3 bucket which contains the pst file. baya23022017
    destinationuserid Vaultastic user id of the user john
    destinationdomain Vaultastic domain baya.vaultastic.com
    destinationuserpassword Password associated with the Vaultastic account of the user
    destinationserver Vaultastic Host name baya.vaultastic.com
    destfolder Name of the destination folder to be created in the Vaultastic account.

    Mail will be imported in this folder.

    This folder will be displayed under INBOX.historical_data.${DESTFOLDER}

    sendreporttomailid Email address which will get the notification after the import is completed. [email protected]

  6. Click the Build button.

  7. After the build is completed a mail will be sent along with attachments containing the folder list and the number of messages in them.