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Customize Vaultastic Domain

Customize your domain with links, captcha status and so on using Admin Panel.

Domain Configuration

You are allowed to customize the properties mentioned in the below table.

To customize the logo please contact [email protected]

Certain properties of the domain however cannot be customized as you are hosted on a shared service. Refer the Vaultastic Service Level Agreement.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel > Domain Name > Customization

  2. Enable or disable the Captcha on login page.

    Decide to show Privacy Statement.

    Decide to show Terms Of Service.

    Set the Copyright Year.

    Set Website Of The Organization

    Set the Link For Terms Of Service Page

User Configuration

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel > Domain Name > User Name > Account Lockout

  2. Decide the status of the account whether it is locked or not.