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Vaultastic Help Center

Vaultastic is the easiest-most secure email archiving solution on the cloud. Vaultastic helps your business with all eDiscovery, Compliance and Business Continuity needs. End users can discover or recover any specific mail which they may have lost from their primary account, or restore their entire mailbox. Discover additional email archiving benefits of Vaultastic.

Enterprises can rest assured that no end user or admin can accidentally or deliberately delete any mail from the archive store. The Vaultastic email vault is a read-only encrypted store and is available only to authenticated and authorized users only via Vaultastic.


Provision Users on Vaultastic

As an admin,

  • Provision users on Vaultastic
  • Set Alternate email id and Mail from id of a user
  • Allow users to access the vaultastic account


Set up email archiving on primary domain

Set up email archiving for all the required users on your primary domain

Securing Vaultastic

Configure security settings for Vaultastic domain


Configure security settings for Vaultastic Users

Access your Vaultastic account

Access your Vaultastic account to search for a specific email and download or print it.


Compliance search by the admin

As an admin,

  • Search for required data across Vaultastic accounts on your domain.
  • Access user's vaultastic account to search for, print, or download a specific mail sent or received by a user.

Restore Mailbox

Access your Vaultastic account to restore your mailbox by exporting it to the .EML or .PST format file.

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Upload Historical Data

Upload historical data to your Vaultastic domain.


Understand Vaultastic reports viz Usage Summary, Active Users, Automatic Users Creation, Storage Usage, and Missing Users report.