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How to upload historical data (pst files) to vaultastic

Table of Contents

Upload historical data (PST Files) to Vaultastic

Send request to the Vaultastic Team

  • To upload your historical data on Vaultastic, send an email to [email protected] requesting for a upload bucket.
  • The Vaultastic team will create a S3 storage bucket on AWS and send you the credentials by email. Using the credentials, you can upload pst files to be imported.

Upload historical data to your Vaultastic domain

Uploading historical data to the Vaultastic account is a two steps process.

  • Step 1: Upload the PST files to the external bucket (S3 folder) created for your domain
  • Step 2: Create a PST import map and send it to the Vaultastic team

Step 1. Upload PST files

To upload PST files,
A. Configure the S3 browser on your machine and create an external bucket
B. Upload PST files

A: Configure the S3 browser

a. Download the S3 browser from the site https://s3browser.com

b. Launch the S3 browser App.
An Add New Account window displays on the screen.
c. Provide the account details which you have received in the email from the Vaultastic team.

- Enter Account Name.
For Example: mithi230217.
- Provide the Access key ID
- Enter the Secret Access Key.
- Click the Add New Account button to proceed.

Vaultastic Upload PST 1.png

A warning message displays on the screen saying
You are not allowed to get buckets list. Would you like to add an External Bucket?
Click yes to add an external bucket

Vaultastic Upload PST 2.png

g. Enter the name and path of the bucket as mentioned in the email received from the Vaultastic team.
For example: vaultasticpstupload/mithi23022017
h. Click the Add External Bucket button to continue

Vaultastic Upload PST 3.png

B: Upload the PST

a. Launch the S3 browser
b. Click the Upload button and select the Upload file(s) option.

Vaultastic Upload PST 4.png

c. Locate the PST files to be uploaded on your machine.
Click the Open button to upload.

Vaultastic Upload PST 5.png

You can view a list of all the uploaded files.

Vaultastic Upload PST 5-a.png

Step 2: Send a CSV with the PST import map

Provide us the names of the uploaded PST files and the account details of the Vaultastic accounts to which the data has to be uploaded

a. Create a CSV file having the following fields

Vaultastic User Id, Password of the Vaultastic account, Name of the uploaded PST, Zipped (y/n), Zip Password

The first row of the file should be:

userid, password, pstname, zip, zippassword

b. Send the CSV file as an attachment to [email protected]

  • Reply to the ticket from [email protected] Attach the CSV with the details of the uploaded PST files.

View uploaded data

  • At Mithi, import jobs are scheduled on a daily basis .
  • You can view the imported data as it is uploaded to Vaultastic account.
  • On completion of the import job, you will receive a job completion and confirmation email message from the Vaultastic team to your registered email id.

The Imported data will be shown in the History folder of the Vaultastic account.

Vaultastic History Folder of Account.png