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How to search users archive for ediscovery or compliance needs

Search user's archive for compliance needs

Using Vaultastic, enterprises can rest assured that no end user or admin can accidentally or deliberately delete any mail from the archive store. The Vaultastic Mail storage is a read only encrypted store and is available only to authenticated and authorized users only via the Vaultastic app.

As an admin, you can access the account of any user provisioned on the Vaultastic domain and discover, download, print email messages received to the account. Vaultastic also allows you to restore the complete mailbox of the user.

Steps to access and search through user's vaultastic account

1. Access the URL https://<Domain-name>.vaultastic.com from your favorite browser.

- Logon to your vaultastic account using postmaster id

2. If you do not know or have forgotten the password, use the Forgot pass app to reset the password of your Vaultastic account.

You will receive the verification code required to reset the password on your primary account.

(When creating the Vaultastic domain, the primary email id of the postmaster account is set to the email id of user who provisioned the domain.)

Set Alt ID Archive User 01.png

3. From application switch, navigate to the admin panel

Set Alt ID Archive User 002.png

  • Search the required user
  • From the right pane, reset the password of that user's account
  • Save the changes made to the user's account.
  • Logout of the account.

Compliance Archive 03.png

4. Access URL https://<Domain>.vaultastic.com
5. Login to the user's vaultastic account using user's vaultastic id and newly created password

Compliance Archive 04.png

6. From this account you can,

Archive 06.png