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How to search across vaultastic accounts

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How to Navigate to E Discovery portal?

1. Access the URL to your Vaultastic portal https://<Domain-name>.vaultastic.com from your favorite browser.

- Logon to your vaultastic account using postmaster id

2. If you do not know or have forgotten the password, use the Forgot password app to reset the password of your vaultastic account.
You will receive the verification code required to reset the password on your primary account.

(When creating the Vaultastic domain, the primary email id of the postmaster account is set to the email id of user who provisioned the domain.)

Login to EDiscovery.png

3. From the application switch, navigate to the admin panel

EDiscovery User Panel.png

4. Click the E Discovery link to open E Discovery page.

Navigate to EDiscovery.png

How to search using the E Discovery interface?

The E Discovery module helps the administrator search across the Vaultastic accounts. Simply create the search criteria based on keywords, attachments, date to locate the required data quickly. E Discovery supports Boolean and wildcard operator searches.

The search result will give the Archive Account, Sender, Recipient and Subject of the mail.


How to define a search criteria in E Discovery?

Define your search criteria using keywords like from, to, cc, subject, body, Boolean and wildcard operators.

Refer the following table for sample queries

Search Case Query Rules Example Query Search Result
Search for a specific string in the mails archived on your Vaultastic domain.
  • Specify string in the search box.
  • To search multiple strings in mails, add double quotes to each string and specify Boolean character OR between the strings.
  • quotation
  • "quotation" OR "price" OR "purchase"
Tool will search for strings quotation or price or purchase in headers and all the matching mails will be displayed.
Search for a specific string in email messages (email body) or the files attached to the mails.
  • Specify the body field when defining the search. Add quotes to the string to be searched.
body:"vaultastic" Tool will search for all mails whose body contains the string vaultastic.
Search for an email communication between two users in which attachments were sent.
  • Specify the sender id and or the recipient id and the attachment name or attachment type.
(from:"[email protected]" AND to:"[email protected]") AND "*.ods" Tool will search all the mails sent by Prakash to Sandip containing the word ods in headers or ods file attached to the mail.
Search for email transacted between two users with in a specific period.
  • Specify the sender, recipient ids and the approximate month.
  • Specify list of months in the bracket separated with Boolean expression OR.
  • If you know the exact date on which email was sent or received mention the date in double quotes. For example "Fri, 19 May 2017".

1. (from:"[email protected]" AND to:"[email protected]") AND ("Apr 2016" OR "May 2016")
2. (from:"[email protected]" AND to:"[email protected]") AND "Fri, 19 May 2017"

  • Tool will search for all mail sent by user prakash to user sandip in the month of Apr or May 2016
  • Tool will search for all mail sent by user prakash to user sandip on Fri, 19 May 2017.
Search for email received by a specific user.
  • Specify sender id using the "To" and "CC" fields in the search.
to:"[email protected]" Tool will search for all the mails received by the user prakash
Search for email sent by a specific user.
  • Specify recipient id using the "From" field in the search.
from:"[email protected]" Tool will search for all the mails sent by the user prakash
Search email messages containing a specific string in the subject.
  • Specify the string in the "Subject" field.
  • You can use the wild cards to search for similar string.

1. from:"[email protected]" AND subject: "kaizen*"

2. subject: "IR checkin"

1. Tool will search for all mails sent by the user prakash whose subject contains the string kaizen

2. ​Tool will search for all mails whose subject line contains the string "IR checkin"

Specify a combination of criteria, use the AND, OR & NOT directives in the search.

1. from: "[email protected]" AND to:("[email protected]" OR "[email protected]")

2. to: "[email protected]" AND NOT from: "[email protected]"

1. Tool will search for mails sent by the user prakash to either user sandip or sandeep.

2. Tool will search for mails received by the user prakash other than mithi domain users

How to read the result displayed in E Discovery?

E Discovery displays all the matching data in a tabular format showing archive account, sender id, recipient id, and subject of the matching mails. As you scroll down, tool populates next matching data automatically.

Archive Account The archive account where the matching mail is located
From Sender of the mail
To Recipient of the mail
Subject Subject line and attachment details of the mail