Simple steps to procuring Vaultastic

Buying Vaultastic is easy via AWS Marketplace or direct from Mithi

Simplify procurement by buying Vaultastic through the AWS Marketplace, and pay for Vaultastic, “auto-magically” on your AWS bill. With simple per user, monthly or annual, contract pricing and ability to archive email from virtually any email platform such as GSuite, Exchange, Office365, Zimbra, etc on cloud or in premise, procuring an archival solution has never been easier. No vendor approvals, POs or license negotiations. One more way Mithi makes Email archiving easy on you.


Sign up for a 30-day free trial

Take advantage of the fully functional trial and deploy Vaultastic in your live email environment. Secure your email environment from day 1. No credit card required for signing up.

Generate a quotation

Our simple pricing calculator allows you to estimate the exact price for your Vaultastic subscription along with the available storage. You will receive an email with a detailed quotation.

Confirm your order

Simply reply to the email you received in Step 2 with your confirmation and the plan you wish to select. This will help place your order with us.

Your subscription & invoice

Upon your confirmation, your license count and the subscription period will be updated in your Vaultastic account. The invoice will also be mailed to you for further processing.

Complete the online payment

Click to complete the payment transaction online. Voila!
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