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Vaultastic is a cloud-native platform that leverages the scalability of the cloud to deliver massive ingestion capacity that auto-scales depending on the workload. Vaultastic builds a scalable indexing system on the elastic cloud store to provide an “infinite’ bottomless archive to accommodate ever-growing data in a search-ready form. These and many more modern architectures offer the promised high performance without the high cost.

Vaultastic protects your data in the cloud using multiple layers of security, which build on the cloud-shared security model. Some of these controls include encryption (at rest and in transit), identity, access management, and authorization, which means your data is accessible only by authorized people.
“Sized for up to 10 users” means that the plans are sized with resources (Storage, Access and Migration) that can archive live information of about 10 users. This is NOT A USER LIMIT. The sizing is based on the average annual growth in the archive per user and the use of the software in your organization.

SaaS data refers to the user information, application data, and operational metrics generated and managed by software applications delivered over the internet as a service.

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Fundamentally, you must ensure that a COPY of all your critical data is maintained and up-to-date in a separate operational infrastructure for maximum redundancy. Focussing on unstructured data, 80% of an organization’s data, will ensure that most of your critical data is secured. Unstructured data includes emails, files/documents, and SaaS data, which you generate when you use these tools to drive your business operations. E.g., FreshDesk, ZOHO, Google Forms, etc. Look for cloud data protection solutions that can automatically ingest active data from these solutions and also allow you to migrate legacy data. Combined with tools for easy discovery, recovery, and governance, your data protection needs are well covered. Related: Enterprise Data Management System
Data security is a crucial link to Data Protection. It helps protect sensitive data from breaches, leaks, corruption, or loss. Furthermore, it prevents unauthorized data access and promotes business continuity. Related: Data Security Solutions with Vaultastic
Technology that enables organizations to keep their sensitive data safe from loss, damage, and breaches is segmented under data protection solutions. Cloud Data Protection Solutions are rapidly gaining popularity against legacy systems that store, protect and manage data on-premises.
Services like Vaultastic classify as DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service) where you don’t have to buy or deploy expensive hardware, software or infrastructure to protect your data.
You simply sign up for data protection services and move your data into the cloud. Data Protection as-a-Service will help you scale easily and cost-effectively. It will also simplify and centralize your data from across data sources and data sets.
  1. Independent data archive to build redundancy.
  2. Automatic data capture for error-free and efficient operations.
  3. Immutable data storage to ensure data stays in its original form.
  4. Robust Security controls and policies for peace of mind.
  5. Easy way to search for data helping legal and compliance readiness.
  6. Simple ways to extract data.
  7. Tools for information governance and data management.
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