Mithi Software Partners with Redington for Distribution of Vaultastic Email Archiving Solution

Mithi Software, recently announced a new channel partnership with Redington India, a leading supply chain solutions provider for global brands of IT hardware and software products. Under this partnership agreement, Redington India will distribute Vaultastic email archiving solution throughout India. Ashok Malaviya, Co-founder & Director Sales of Mithi Software said, “We are pleased to announce the partnership[…]

Cloud Vs On-Premise Email Archive Setup: A Step-by-Step Cost Benefit Analysis

This document highlights the TCO for a customer having 3000 mailboxes deployed on an on premise Primary mail platform (as a sample) and who is making a choice between an on premise archival system and a cloud archival system. Cloud setups by their very nature follow the Opex model of costing. On premise setups are[…]

Email Backup vs. Archive: What’s the difference?

Email continues to see strong use in the business world. Nearly half of the worldwide population will be using email by year end 2020, as stated in the Email Statistics Report, 2016-2020 by the Radicati Group. As data volumes rise and information is distributed throughout an organization, businesses must ensure complete and secure storage of the[…]

Email Archiving, Backup and Journaling: What is the Right Strategy to Secure Email Data?

With every email exchange, more information is being added to the enterprise mail store. The Radicati Group, an international technology market research firm, predicts that by 2019, business emails will account for 128.8 billion mails sent and received per day. Administrators of large and small organizations are often asked to dig up and restore email[…]

Email Archiving Solutions Comparison: Shared SaaS vs Dedicated Cloud vs On Premise Server

Organisations looking at deploying an email archiving solution have three types of solutions to select from: Shared SaaS Archiving On Cloud Dedicated Email Archive On Cloud Dedicated Email Archive On Premise This article aims to help organizations understand and compare the working of these three solutions, the pros and cons of each and the fit of[…]

Mithi Software launches Vaultastic for Office 365, an email archiving service for Office 365

Pune, India, December 7, 2016 Mithi Software, the makers of innovative email, collaboration and archiving solutions today announced Vaultastic for Office 365, a solution which archives Office 365 mails securely on the AWS Cloud. “Our latest solution will help us extend the Vaultastic product line to businesses who need comprehensive data security for their Office[…]

5 Reasons Vaultastic is the Most Secure Enterprise Vault Out There (Yet!)

Vaultastic is built with a multi-layered security framework as outlined below – Infrastructure Layer: Hosted on AWS, Vaultastic leverages its certified security framework for securing the infrastructure resources, Geographical Region:  Your Vaultastic domain can be deployed on AWS data centers in the APAC region (Singapore) or you can choose to deploy it at the Mumbai[…]

Email Storage Solutions: Why Your Enterprise IT team Needs to Manage it Smartly?

  According to a recent Radicati report, about 120 business emails will be sent and received per day in 2017. If we do the math, the amount of mails exchanged in a quarter by a small organisation of 40 people will be 432,000. With these astonishing numbers, email storage is naturally one of the main[…]

4 Reasons To Consider Cloud Archival For Your On-Premise Email Solution

Email archiving (Verb): Keeping a read-only copy of every mail sent and received by your users in a digital vault. The #1 worry for IT Managers today is to work out ways to securely store and conveniently access the growing email storage. Also, IDC estimates 60% of business critical information is stored, sometime exclusively, in Email.[…]