I am already using Office 365 on the cloud, do I still need a separate email archiving solution?

Why moving to Cloud Email is good? We have been consistently speaking about the benefits to the customer of moving from on premise setup to a cloud email service. Customers, moving to a cloud email platform like SkyConnect, Office 365, Google’s G Suite etc. are free from the relentless work required to keep an on premise mail[…]

Email Backup vs. Archive: What’s the difference?

Email continues to see strong use in the business world. Nearly half of the worldwide population will be using email by year end 2020, as stated in the Email Statistics Report, 2016-2020 by the Radicati Group. As data volumes rise and information is distributed throughout an organization, businesses must ensure complete and secure storage of the[…]

Email Archiving Solutions Comparison: Shared SaaS vs Dedicated Cloud vs On Premise Server

Organisations looking at deploying an email archiving solution have three types of solutions to select from: Shared SaaS Archiving On Cloud Dedicated Email Archive On Cloud Dedicated Email Archive On Premise This article aims to help organizations understand and compare the working of these three solutions, the pros and cons of each and the fit of[…]

5 Reasons Vaultastic is the Most Secure Enterprise Vault Out There (Yet!)

Vaultastic is built with a multi-layered security framework as outlined below – Infrastructure Layer: Hosted on AWS, Vaultastic leverages its certified security framework for securing the infrastructure resources, Geographical Region:  Your Vaultastic domain can be deployed on AWS data centers in the APAC region (Singapore) or you can choose to deploy it at the Mumbai[…]

4 Reasons To Consider Cloud Archival For Your On-Premise Email Solution

Email archiving (Verb): Keeping a read-only copy of every mail sent and received by your users in a digital vault. The #1 worry for IT Managers today is to work out ways to securely store and conveniently access the growing email storage. Also, IDC estimates 60% of business critical information is stored, sometime exclusively, in Email.[…]