Mithi Software features in VARINDIA Magazine – Tarun Malaviya talks about the journey of the company to cloud

VARINDIA Magazine – India’s Frontline IT Magazine wrote an article on Mithi Software published June 1st 2017. The article covered a little background on CEO and Co-founder, Mr. Tarun Malaviya as well as the shift in the company’s business model, from enterprise to cloud. Excerpts from the article are below: Technology Orchestration: For a long[…]

Delivering uniform customer experience by moving to the cloud – Tarun Malaviya at the AWS Partner Summit 2017

In the video below, Tarun Malaviya, CEO and Co-founder, Mithi Software, talks about the journey of the company from being an enterprise software company to moving to a hosted model and then to cloud. Further, Tarun Malaviya speaks as to how the cloud has allowed the company to provide uniform customer experiece, by providing elastic[…]

Mithi announces EDiscovery for Vaultastic to help business find critical pieces of information hidden in mailboxes

Pune, India, May 30, 2017 Mithi Software Technologies today introduced eDiscovery, the latest capability for its Vaultastic cloud email archiving solution. The new Ediscovery function for Vaultastic, can help the organisation quickly and accurately locate critical information in archived email. Vaultastic’s ediscovery feature, with a very simple user interface, provides enterprises the ability to search[…]

Vaultastic now offers email archiving for Zimbra, cPanel and MailEnable

Pune, India, May 17, 2017 Mithi Software added archiving for Zimbra, cPanel and MailEnable, expanding the range of mail servers for which Vaultastic can be used as the archiving service. Independent Service Providers (ISPs) and Mail Service Providers (MSPs) can grow their portfolio with this cloud based email archiving service. ISPs and MSPs can enable the[…]