Delivering uniform customer experience by moving to the cloud – Tarun Malaviya at the AWS Partner Summit 2017

In the video below, Tarun Malaviya, CEO and Co-founder, Mithi Software, talks about the journey of the company from being an enterprise software company to moving to a hosted model and then to cloud.

Further, Tarun Malaviya speaks as to how the cloud has allowed the company to provide uniform customer experiece, by providing elastic and expandable storage to customers.

The richness of the AWS platform has provided scalablility, reducing the companies maintenance cost and giving more time for experimentation, variations and faster innovations.

The AWS Partner Summit, held on 3rd May 2017, Mumbai, India witnessed participants from the cloud computing community connecting, collaborating and learning about the latest innovations from AWS. As per itvarnews, the AWS summit in Mumbai was attended by over 2500 delegates, across verticals of technology.

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