New eDiscovery Tool to Help Businesses Find Information in Mailboxes

Pune, India, May 30, 2017

Mithi Software Technologies today introduced an eDiscovery tool, the latest capability for its Vaultastic cloud email archiving solution.

The new Ediscovery function for Vaultastic, can help the organisation quickly and accurately locate critical information in archived email.

Vaultastic’s ediscovery feature, with a very simple user interface, provides enterprises the ability to search across mailboxes and within attachments using mail attributes such as sender, recipient, attachment, dates, domains etc, to quickly find information relevant to the context at hand.

Ediscovery in Vaultastic uses an advanced indexing mechanism to ensure quick and accurate results even for very large volume of email data.

Traditionally, eDiscovery has been available primarily to large well resourced enterprises and used mainly to support litigation.

However, with the introduction of this feature in Vaultastic, the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), who incidentally form the majority of the customer base on the Vaultastic platform, can get a pulse of their business on-demand.

With simple and fast queries, reports on key statistics such as new sales enquiries, customer complaints, new feature requests and more, can be obtained on a daily basis.

This will enable businesses to identify key bottlenecks or opportunities to grow their businesses.

Email is now a record of activities and transactions making it a very important reference in contractual and legal matters. Estimates show roughly three out of four discovery requests are for email.

These emails need to be produced as part of the discovery process. Ediscovery today represents 35% of the total cost of litigation.

Organisations that fail to produce emails in a timely or appropriate manner face the risk of paying large amounts in fines, not to mention loss of corporate reputation and lost revenue.

Key benefits of the Ediscovery tool of Vaultastic include:

1. Identifying patterns of data flow to help gain insights and intelligence on the business.
2. Monitoring sensitive information leaving an organisation, which could result in reputation damage.
3. Ability to search for relevant information even in large and complex contractual work spanning several years and across multiple business entities.
4. Easy and timely response to ediscovery requests during compliance, litigation or lawsuit processes.

“Vaultastic converges the archiving of email from multiple business entities, platforms and sources into a central store.” said Tarun Malaviya, CEO & Co-founder, Mithi Software. “The eDiscovery tool in Vaultastic, leverages all this centrally stored information to provide an easy, always up-to-date, quick search across the entire archive store of an organisation. With eDiscovery, organisations are never behind on responding to discovery requests. In fact they can make use of ediscovery as a part of their day to day operations.”

Upcoming Webinar on eDiscovery (June 7, 2017)

Want to learn more about eDiscovery? Join our webinar on Why eDiscovery on Email is Critical for SMBs.

About Vaultastic:

Vaultastic is a cloud email archiving solution that helps businesses with E-discovery, Compliance and Business continuity needs. The solution can archive mail seamlessly from several email solutions. These solutions include G Suite, Office 365, Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Notes (Lotus Notes), cPanel, MailEnable, Postmaster etc. Vaultastic is a secure SaaS service, needing no infrastructure or manpower. It comes with a built-in self service portal to support finding and exporting data from the email vault. Vaultastic is served from the AWS cloud and provides a data durability of 99.9% (11 times).

About Mithi Software:

Mithi Software, an award winning company, distinguishes itself in providing Cloud Email, Collaboration and Archiving Solutions, which help substantially lower costs & improve productivity. Its software has been adopted by organisations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segments such as healthcare, R&D establishments, financial services, education, government, BPOs, software, defense, manufacturing, banks, NGOs, Agro industries, logistics, media, Internet Service Providers, infrastructure, retail, energy & power, transportation etc.

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